Boakai Speaks On Trending Issues -Wants Opposition Responsible; Mending UP Fences

Just as it has appeared that the opposition bloc is at the verge of disintegration, skeptics and cynics have already held that the collaboration of the mainstreamed opposition political parties has failed considering the trend of utterances from key members in recent time.  But optimists remained focused in the drive of the opposition to jealously guide the fledgling democracy of the country. One of such optimist in the opposition bloc who recently returned home from the USA is the Unity Party’s political leader Joseph Nyumah Boakai, who speaks on mitigating broad issues facing the Unity Party and the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), urging the opposition  to remain resolute and press forward to save; The ANALYST reports.

Calling on all members of CPP to desist from acts and utterances inimical to the survival and credibility of the opposition collaborating parties, the political leader of the Unity Party (UP) advised against unwarranted attacks on leaders of the CPP, wild and unsubstantiated allegations, and dangerous speculations.

Former Vice President Boakai also iterated the Unity Party’s commitment to the Collaboration and its determination to subordinate individual ambitions in the interest of Liberia.

“Let me iterate the Unity Party’s commitment to the Collaboration and our determination to subordinate our individual ambitions in the interest of Liberia. As a Party, we stand ready to place our experience and expertise at the disposal of the CPP as well as provide critical leadership whenever the need avails itself,” the former Vice President of Liberia said in a statement issued upon arrival to Liberia from the United States of America.

“While in every human undertaking there are bound to be bottlenecks and hic-ups along the way, as a responsible opposition we have the capacity and mechanism to resolve our differences whenever and wherever they show up,” the United Party leader indicated, urging supporters, sympathizers, and well-wishers to be calm as CPP leaders work to resolve any differences, real or perceived.

The UP political leader reminded his colleagues on the CPP and all members of the Collaboration that the outpouring of support and embrace of the public clearly demonstrates that Liberians need and yearn for true, genuine, selfless and patriotic leadership; saying that by pledging to work together, leaders of the CPP has have given hope to to the people and have reassured Liberia’s international partners that the opposition is prepared to place Liberia above all else.

“We have promised that our mission is to rescue and preserve the Republic. We must therefore continue to demonstrate that there is strength in unity. The CPP must remain a formidable force and a responsible and loyal opposition. We must remain committed to our objectives, lest we suffer the people’s collective punishment. We must not let our people down,” Ambassador Boakai further advised.

  He then implored his fellow Partisans and members of the CPP as well as fellow Liberians to remain resolute and press forward to save the state.

Commenting on his trip, former Vice President Boakai said he attended the Convention of the Unity Party Chapters in the Americas and held extensive consultations with friends and supporters of the party on ways and means by which partisans could collectively rejuvenate the Party. “One theme that was a constant thread in all our discussions was the need to heal the very deep wounds in the party, which have led to costly divisions within the Party with devastating consequences for our nation,” he said.

Partisans as well as supporters and sympathizers, he disclosed, expressed their burning desire and undying commitment to pool their human, financial, and other resources together to ensure that the Party regains its towering stature and protect its legacy built on the foundation, values and principles of the founding fathers’ erstwhile Grand Coalition of 1985, most notably, Jackson F. Doe, Gabriel Gbolleh and Edward Kesseley; which sentiments he said echo similar passionate expressions by a broad segment of Partisans back here in Liberia.

“My fellow Partisans, as a demonstration of their sincerity and commitment, the Unity Partisans in the Americas decided to put behind them bitter divisions which kept them apart and undermined their effectiveness. They held a very successful Convention which brought together stakeholders and elected a new corps of Officers to begin the process of rebuilding and rebranding the Party.  They crafted a cohesive strategy to move the Party forward. Let me on behalf of the Unity Party once again commend them for their selflessness in putting the interest of the institution above parochial proclivities,” he exclaimed.

Mr. Boakai indicated that they all recognize that the 2017 elections were bruising and contentious inducing serious cleavages within our party and leaving the country divided whereby some important members of the party who were perceived as contributing to its defeat were expelled immediately after the announcement of the elections results.

Notwithstanding this bitter past, the UP political leader said the time has come when they are partisans must bite the bullet, bury the hatchet, and reach out to those whom they feel have hurt them.

“We must do so not because we are weak, nor because they are indispensable to our progress, but because we must, as people of faith- in God and in nation- be willing to give each other a second chance for redemption,” he added, saying that as a Christian and a devout Baptist, he has learned to trust in God and allow Him to fight his battles.

“In my public life,” he asserted, “I have always strived to be a man of peace and a servant dedicated to working assiduously and selflessly to making our beloved Country, Liberia, great. This I intend to do as long as God continues to give me the strength and wisdom. No sacrifice for me is too great a price to pay for peace and reconciliation,” he noted.

In this connection, Ambassador Boakai announced that he has personally forgiven all who, by design or omission have offended him and ask them to do the same, saying that he holds no malice toward any Partisan and therefore appealing to all Partisans, home and abroad, to do the same and initiate true reconciliation at all levels of the Party.

“To the rank and file of the Party, I further ask that you accept the ruling of the National Elections Commission regarding the expelled members and I direct the legal team of the Party to resolve any and all outstanding legal issues”.

Mr. Boakai realized that these are extraordinary times that require extraordinary actions and measures.

“In this connection, I propose the convening very soon of an Extra-ordinary Convention of the Party to deliberate urgent matters and take appropriate actions to set an irreversible path of reconciliation and rejuvenation of the Party,” he further directed the party.

He pointed out, “We must turn a new page and initiate meaningful and pragmatic reforms in the Party to become more robust, effective, and efficient in responding to our new political reality and the needs and aspirations of the Liberian People.”

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