“Ask Them for Tangible Plans For Roads” -Team Cummings Says Well-defined Plans Ready, Not Theory

MONROVIA – The road to the 2023 presidential and legislative elections seems to be getting slipperier by the day as political institutions are in a tailspin battle to gain the voters’ attention especially when it comes to who is best positioned to deliver tangible results on promises made before elections. In what is now being considered by his critics as a spur of the moment politico-speak when he appeared on a local talk show recently and told the Liberian people that within the first 100 days of his administration upon winning the presidency, no one would ride on muddy roads in the country, former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai is being asked by Team Cummings to show his juice, because, as for them, Cummings has a well-defined blueprint to tackle Liberia’s perennial bad roads situation. “Don’t let them theorize to you about some 100 days; ask them for tangible plans.   

These elections will be about the ‘what ‘and ‘how’,” Muniru Nyei, a Team Cummings policy technocrat stated over the weekend in reaction to Ambassador Boakai’s assertion.

Taking to social media in a rambunctious fashion, Mr. Nyei wondered whether Liberians are aware that Presidential hopeful Alexander Cummings is far ahead of plans on how to immediately tackle the poor condition of our rural roads.

“Under Project Liberia36, rural roads are captured and detailed under the pillar called Special Projects-Rural Roads. In our ‘Problem Analysis Report’, with the aid of closed-loop GIS mapping and ground data, we have identified and documented major black spots that required urgent interventions. Just to name a few, the section between Zleh and Zai towns approaching Zwedru from Nimba, the stretch approaching Putuken between Grand Gedeh and River Gee, etc.

“Watch out soon as we introduce to the Liberian people the Alexander B. Cummings ambitious infrastructure plan dubbed “Liberia36”, which aims to get Liberia’s basic and critical infrastructures fully functional by 2036,” Mr. Nyei averred.

The statement from Mr. Muniru Nyei, pundits opine, seems to echo the sentiments of another public policy wonk, Dr. Ibraham Nyei, who on April 30, 2021 wondered how a political neophyte like Mr. Cummings would so suddenly ascend to the pinnacle of the opposition leadership even after lowly performing in the 2017 presidential and general elections.

“Alexander Cummings is effectively the leader of the opposition in Liberia. How a fifth-place candidate and political novice transformed himself as the leader of the opposition in the same space with a second-place candidate with many years of experience has left us pundits wondering,” Dr. Nyei had stated at the time.

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