“Another Term For Weah Will Be Worse”-Cummings -Says Country’s Challenges Enormous

MONROVIA – The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, has warned Liberians of the dire consequences of giving President George Manneh Weah another 6 years during the October 10, 2023, saying the conditions of the people would be worse it happens, adding that the deplorable living conditions of the people are the same all over the country, which include but not limited to lack of basic social services and infrastructure badly needed to ease the hardship and reduce poverty.

Mr. Cummings made this statement during a one day visit to Suehn-Mecca, Bomi County,on Wednesday, April 5, 2023  where he has gone as part of his citizen outreach program to get to know from Liberians their pressing needs as told by the people themselves. In Suehn Mecca, Mr. Cummings held separate engagements with women groups, health workers, religious leaders, community leaders, students, teachers, and ordinary citizens.

Generally, the locals lamented the lack of basic social services including electricity, safe drinking water. Students of the Suehn Mecca Public School spoke of the difficult learning conditions, without library and access to Internet service.

The Suehn Mecca Public School, established in 2009, has 13 teachers, of which seven are on government payroll, and six are volunteers. Teachers said the CDC harmonization policy, and subsequent cut in their salaries, has badly affected their living conditions, while some students said they have to trek two to three hours daily to get to school.

Health workers spoke of poor salaries and incentives, the need for reliable electricity and water supplies at the hospital. They are constrained to work under emergency situations using cell phones or candle light.

Each group spoke of the difficult economic conditions, including the lack of jobs, poor health care, and challenges of living in rural Liberia, under a malfunctioning system of government that is insensitive to their welfare and well-being.

The CPP Standard Bearer expressed empathy with citizens for the devastating economic conditions affecting the vast majority, and thanked them for the high turnout and warm reception accorded him and his entourage.

Cummings spoke of the need for Liberians to soberly reflect on the enormous challenges caused by the damaging effect of the CDC and make serious determination to register and vote out the inept and incompetent administration of President Weah come October 10. 

He assured that a CPP Government would work assiduously to restore basic social services, prioritizing the areas of education, health, and agriculture, for huge investment and funding.

Cummings reaffirmed his commitment that within the first one hundred days, the CPP will begin resuscitating the ailing economy and that Liberians will begin to experience and feel gradual relief and improvement in their living conditions.

“We cannot wish or want Liberia to change. We have to do the work. We all have to put our hands together as citizens and leaders to change Liberia,” Cummings said. 

He called for unity on purpose, noting that Liberia is so small where almost everyone knows another person, but yet, we find all kinds of ways not to work together,” the CPP Standard Bearer said in response to a question about the breakaway in the CPP.

“We did not leave the CPP, others left. However the doors are still open and all are welcome,” an apparent reference to the Unity Party of former Vice President Joseph Boakai and the All Liberian Party of Benoni Urey, Cummings said during questions and answers with citizens of Suehn Mecca District.

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  1. Jacob Doe says

    What are you people doing around this criminal calling himself Alex Cummings! He wants to jump from some factory and become president overnight , when he is so disgustingly incompetent and criminally minded. You want to be be president while conducting yourself as a criminal. If you are not committing the crime of bribery, you are committing the crime of forgery. If you are not committing the two, you are committing the crime of impersonation. YOU ARE BAD OFF CUMMINGS!

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