Wroto Town Residents Decry Health Hazard -Blame MCC for Stench from Overstayed Garbage

By Stephen G. Fellajuah

Hundreds of residents of the Wroto Town Community are appealing for the urgent intervention of the Monrovia City Corporation to resolve the issues of pollution in the community to relieve them from the imminent health hazard that is permeating the area.

The Wroto Town Community residents have decried what they referred to as “terrible stench from the huge stock piles of dirt” deposited in by the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) which they maintained has been affecting their lives and those of their children. The residents in that community further stressed the smells could lead to a potential health crisis if the situation is not remedied in a timely manner.

Wroto Town Residents spoke to this paper in the community on Monday, early this week. They blamed the MCC for allowing the piles of garbage to overstay for periods covering up to two months when the garbage should be collected weekly.

The Residents have observed that the MCC only goes to clean up the garbage when they are pressured by the leadership of the community. As the results of the piles of dirt dumped in the community by the MCC, residents continue to live in filth.

“We are worried about the situation because the dirt continues to pile up, especially during the rainy season as the water is setting under the dirt thereby causing bad smells.

“Mosquitoes are all over the place and even pedestrians who pass by have a bad impression about the community”, said a community leader. The residents decrying the situation, said it also creates a serious problem for motorists.

A resident of the community, Henry Tobmey said at some point in time, MCC came after two weeks when some authorities (he did not mention) pressured MCC. He further described the garbage as harmful, saying the whole community is embarrassed and disturbed by the Stock piles of   garbage in the vicinity.

Another resident, John Young, narrated that sometimes the garbage overstayed up to two to three months. He claimed sometimes the stock piles of garbage is at the level of a mountain, and claimed that the Monrovia City Corporation is responsible.

Ma Deborah, also a resident of the community for many years, said they wake up to the bad smells of the dirt every morning which is breeding mosquitoes and crawling insects such as rats, roaches and ants  thereby causing their children to get sick on a daily basis.  She sees sickness taking over the community if nothing is done to resolve the matter quickly.

Despite efforts made by the City Corporation, the issues surrounding poor sanitation and solid waste management remains a major challenge for the city government of Monrovia, a source who preferred anonymity on ground that she is not an official spokesperson for the entity said.

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