We’ve Lost Standing to Check Executive -Sen. Dillon Laments $15K Saga, Promises to Do the Right Thing

Considered the “Light” of the Liberian Senate, Senator Abraham Darius Dillion has taken sufficient beating from supporters of the ruling establishment, and even lately, from his inner legislative circle and hardcore supporters, for his unwavering anti-graft, pro-transparency crusading posture since he entered the House in 2020 and retained his seat in 2021. But while the good majority of the public continues to swoon over what they see as completely unprecedented from one individual’s transparency posture in the history of contemporary Liberian politics, pundits believe that Dillon’s recent disclosure of members of the Legislature each receiving $15,000 budgeted under “Legislative Engagement in the current budget cycle has left a dent in this linen-white image. After several failed attempts to give back the $15K to his people in Montserrado County through projects, Senator Dillon recently donated oxygen tanks to several hospitals in need as the Coronavirus rages across the country. Remorsefully and frustratedly however, Senator Dillon, is now telling Liberians that in the wake of the increase in COVID-19 cases in the country, the legislators have lost the moral rectitude to speak on COVID-19 issues and as well check the Executive on expenditure of past and incoming COVID-19 funds.

Posting from the United States where he recently traveled, Senator Dillon clearly stated that the Legislature has failed to press the Executive to account for $30M in “Stimulus Package”, therefore they have practically lost the standing to propose any additional or new “stimulus package” for the Liberian people during these challenging times.

“We are not even allowed to frown on any missteps that are resulting in the painful deaths of our people. Further, we received and took 15K for “Legislative Engagements”; so, we cannot say or even express our thoughts on how and why our people are dying. Maybe, just maybe, had we not taken the 15K for the purpose it was intended, the death rate we are experiencing would have been mitigated or not occurred at all. We have lost that standing to speak, and we take full responsibility thereof. In fact, “Lawmakers are not supposed to directly receive and spend government money for anything; it is a function of the Executive.” True! We have taken note to act accordingly going forward,” Senator Dillon stated frustratingly.

“At this point, we can only urge appropriate and relevant authorities to step up to the task; and encourage our people to take preventive measures against the deadly Covid-19 as advised by health practitioners. We sympathize with bereaved families from across the country for the loss of their families and or loved ones; and we extend special gratitude to Health Workers out there endangering their lives to save lives,” Senator Dillon said.

While many Dillon supporters openly sided with their senator for his candidness, pundits are of the express opinion that Senator Dillon’s statement was only meant to chide his colleagues who had not sided with his stance to openly declare receipt of the $15K but had surreptitiously backstabbed him as a traitor to legislative wheeling and dealings.

“Dillon is just saying these things to escape the fact that he partook of the spoils of officialdom. He’s no different from any of the other lawmakers who did not declare the $15K,” says a legislative source who asked not to be named.

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