US Govt Commends Liberia -For US$100M Historic Drug Bust

MONROVIA – The United States has commended and congratulated Liberia for the swift action by the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency and the National Security Agency which resulted in the interdiction of a shipment of over 520 kilograms of cocaine, worth US$100 million, and the arrest of two accused drug traffickers (one Guinea-Bissauan national in Liberia, and one Lebanese national in Sierra Leone) this past weekend.

According to a press release from the US Embassy near Monrovia dated October 3, 2022, “this is a result of ongoing investigations around the world and close coordination between national security services. The success of this operation is the direct result of excellent communication between law enforcement agencies around the world, including Brazil, the United States, and Liberia, among others.”

Even before the arrest of murderer and narcotics kingpin Paul Calder Le Roux in September 2012 by Liberian authorities, increasing numbers of criminals and syndicates underestimating Liberia’s law enforcement capabilities have found themselves in handcuffs for formal prosecution and lengthy jail sentences in Liberia, the US Embassy noted.

“The United States Government salutes the dedication of Liberia’s security services and their success this past weekend on the largest drug bust in Liberian history,” the US Government stated effusively.

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