STAND Wants Boakai Factor UN In WECC Efforts -Tenders Commendation But Says UN SG Should Be Written

MONROVIA: Solidarity Trust for a New Day (STAND) has commended President Joseph Nyuma Boakai for his decision to sign the Executive Order #131 which will pave the way for establishing an office for War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia.

The organization issued a press statement yesterday on the fresh WECC new but urged the President to also formally write the Secretary General of the United Nations for support if the initiative is to be resoundingly successful.

STAND Chairman Mulbah Morlu acknowledged the signing of the document by the President and made reference to the office that will be established, according to the Executive Order which will work with “the international community in the formulation of the mechanisms, procedures, and processes attending the establishment of a war crimes court and an anti-corruption court for Liberia.”

“As an unflinching supporter of this effort, STAND has been relentlessly vocal in advocating for President Boakai to issue this executive order favoring the setting-up of such an office,” the release noted, quoting Mr. Morlu.

“In this regard, STAND wishes to commend President Boakai and the Liberia National Legislature under the leadership of Speaker J. Fonati Koffa for fulfilling this key and crucial premise of justice, in part, to pursue and hold accountable those bearing the greatest responsibility for the bloodletting and destruction visited upon Liberia for nearly two decades.

“Now that this historic and monumental feat has been achieved, STAND urges President Boakai to take the next prudent step to write to the secretary General of the United Nations. This important step forward will ensure the provisions of all necessary technical, diplomatic and logistical support needed to bring an end to impunity in Liberia”, the statement concluded.

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  1. Jake Doe says

    Letter to UNSG, Senate signing resolution, executive orders, ARE ALL BEATING AROUND THE BUSH PRETENSES AND HYPOCRICAL PLOYS by that cartel masquerading as government while they enrich themselves by stealing, killing, and feeding the people with such lies.

    If those criminals who have hijacked the Liberian democracy and replaced it with their despotic and pariah rogue tyranny were serious, they would have ensure that binding domestic legislations as the enactment of laws and international agreements with the ICC, THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL creating the war crimes court are erected, and not come up with such flimsy bull dungs as non binding resolutions and some fragile executive orders … both of which means nothing when it comes to establishing hybrid courts.

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