“Sickening, Wicked!” -MICAT Boss Terms Attempts to Undermine Weah Govt -Supports Police Findings on Ritualistic Killings

The spate of unexplained, mysterious discovery of dead bodies across the country has caused panic amongst the general populace and residents of Liberia, who are equally concerned that this could be the handiwork of ritualistic workers employed to carry out their nefarious acts on behalf of their benefactors. But Information Minister Ledgerhood Rennie has come out swinging in defense of a police statement that dismissed such claims, stating as welcoming Inspector General Patrick Sudue’s statement, but also utterly revealing, against the backdrop of police findings into social media claims and wide public rumors of widespread ritualistic killings in some parts of the country,

According to the Ministry of Information press release quoting the information boss who buttressed the Liberia National Police Director Patrick Sudue’s Wednesday, September 29, 2021 media engagement comments, to the effect that the  LNP authorities had not established any evidence of such killings as widely rumored, it was sickening and wicked for some Liberians to engage in such a devilish ploy only to damage the image of the government and country for personal political gains.

“Citing specific cases that the police had dismissed as far from the truth, the Information Minister said it was chilling to learn that some of the assertions made by so-called victims of the alleged crimes had no iota of truth and that most could not even be verified to have taken place, including the one of a man claiming to have been whisked to Bong County to be murdered. Minister Rennie lauded the LNP for the professional manner in which it handled these wild allegations, saying good always triumphs over evil,” the release stated.

According to the MICAT press release, Minister Rennie reiterated how the call log of the alleged victim, in this case, showed that he never even left the Monrovia area during the period under investigation. The Information boss further commented on another incident that police investigation uncovered to be untrue is the claim on social media that a motorcyclist named Daniel Booky was murdered on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, when that crime instead actually happened in 2018. The MICAT Boss said it was a sheer act of cowardice on the part of those spreading such brazen falsehood.

PLP Fiasco

Regarding the incident where it was alleged that a high ranking member of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) was shot by armed men, Minister Rennie described as an utter desperation for political notoriety the false claim of the People Liberation Party’s Secretary-General, David Beyan, who said he had been attacked by unknown gunmen but was later found by police to be far from the truth, noting that the police inquest – which involved subpoenaing medical records – established that Beyan shot himself accidentally and tried to cover up his action because he had illegally acquired the gun.

“Minister Rennie said the Liberian government is alarmed by these actions by unscrupulous people intended to deliberately malign the image of the government and the country for selfish political motives. The latest action is a repetition of a similar perversion that happened in 2018 when a group of people created the hoax that 16 billion dollars came to the country and was siphoned. Following an international investigation, this was established to be untrue.

“Other seeming political ploys involved Madam Justina Taylor, a person who falsely claimed to have been the victim of torture – creating a violent protest – and the erroneous assertion that employees of the Liberian Revenue Authority were murdered.

“These machinations are designed by some unpatriotic Liberians, who don’t appear to have moved beyond the 2017 General and Presidential election’s loss. Their selfish actions hurt the country and its people more than it does the government,” the MICAT press release indicated.

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