River Cess Visit Refreshes Weah’s Maternal Fraternity -Says The County’s Age-Old Neglect by Central Govt. Is Over

Mothers are special in the African tradition. While they are variously referred to as creators, producers, cradle rockers, nurturers and goddesses, they also inspire awe because they are known to wedge huge powers in their children’s lives. A typical African mother will go all length to make the sacrifices for her children to reach the peak of their careers, dominating their environment, thereby bringing glory and honor to her, her people, her community that will leave an impressive legacy for posterity. This is typical of President George Manneh Weah’s mother whose strides made the President who is in appreciation making a triumphant entry in Rivercess County, – his maternal home of birth – to a jubilant welcome from all corners of the county. The historic visit had all the trappings befitting a true demonstration of love and admiration for a man who is considered as their son that posterity must remember; The Analyst’s senior editor is traveling with the President and reports.

The first major interaction with the people started at the Yarpah Town Hall where the citizens welcomed the President and his party, which included the first lady, Mrs. Clar Marie Weah and an array of government officials.

In his welcome statement on behalf of the citizens of Rivercess County, Mr. G. Samson Mellish showered praises on Mr. Weah for his monumental development strides he has undertaken since his ascendency to the leadership of the country.

He thanked the President for appointing a lot of prominent sons and daughters of the county, among them being Mr. Bill Tweahway, the Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA).

Mr. Mellish said since the appointment of Mr. Tweahway, a lot of good things have been happening in the county.

He called on the President to pave the main street in Cestos City, pave the Cesstos -Buchanan highway as well as construct a recreational center in the area. He also thanked the First Lady, Madam Clar Marie Weah for standing behind the president and giving him all the support to succeed.

Mr. Mellish made a moving statement when he said, “Mr. President, please take the shame of underdevelopment from our faces. We need development in this county. Your visit should not be seen as seeing Jesus Christ and going back with your sickness”.

Speaking on behalf of the market women, Madam Marie Sunshine told the President that the county needs agricultural development and empowerment of women in Rivercess County. She stressed the importance of road infrastructure and stated, “We have produce on the farm; due to lack of road connectivity we are unable to do so”, she said.
She presented a gift containing variety of food stuffs to the President, which she said were from the rich soil of Rivercess County. She said the food stuffs given the President was a way of buttressing her point that the people are ready to engage in massive agricultural production.

Chief Bob Kofi Zah, who spoke on behalf of the chiefs and other traditional rulers in the county, said the citizens are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Mr. Weah is a true son of Rivercess County; he pointed out that this can be seen from the preferment of Mr. Bill Tweahway as Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA), the Acting Minister of Public Works, an assistant Minister at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc

“We cannot be ungrateful to you, Mr. President, words are inadequate to thank you. We will kill a cow for you for the good you have done and continue to do for Rivercess County. You are our son who will transform our county. It is an opportunity for us that you will take away the shame of road connectivity from us”, Chief Zah said with confidence.

He later on gowned the President and his wife and told him that the gesture is a demonstration of the appreciation from the good people of Rivercess to have him as their own son who is making them proud.

Chief Zah said as part of the leadership of the county, they have decided to donate a 250 acres of land to encourage him to come home and invest and an additional 1,000 acres of land for development purpose under the Pro Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity.

Mr. Bill Tweahway, who has then become the magic point of attraction during the President’s visit took to the podium and told the people that all the praises being showered on him for the development being undertaken by him was as the result of the mandate from the President.

He said his closeness to the President, who he said understands the plight of the people, made it possible to undertake those projects for the benefit of the people.

“When you elected me as your representative, I did nothing for you but when I got in contact with the President and he appointed me as the Managing Director of the National Port Authority(NPA), I was able to do those things I am currently doing for the county”, Mr. Tweahway said

Mr. Tweahway, who is affectionately referred to as GBEKUGBEH JUNIOR described the President as a true human being who believes that what one does for himself or herself should be done for others too.

The youth, speaking through their leader, Mr. Spark Saybanjay, appealed to the President that they need an additional high school and relevant teachers in the school system, science laboratory, equipment for the existing vocational school and a recreational center.

Closing the requests from the people of the county, Mr. Byron Zahnwea, Representative of District #2, welcomed the President and team to the county and wished them a happy stay. His presentation of the issue of road connectivity in the county was more direct when he said “it was like killing an elephant, you cannot eat a piece of it.

“Mr. President, the road issue cannot be overemphasized. Rivercess produced bad road medicine but we do not have good roads,” he emphasized in an apparent reference to Mr. Weah’s admiration by the people as “bad road medicine”, saying that although the President hailed from Rivercess County maternally, the county cannot boast of good roads.

He however expressed optimism that the President will definitely do something about the situation so as to reverse the impediment against the development of the area.

The President, mounting the podium to speak, said that he considered Rivercess County like any other county as his home and reminded his audience that in 2017, he got about 84% of the votes from there.

He added that everywhere he went, the people were happy with what he was doing and that showed he was not promising the people and turning his back on them.

“Rivercess as part of our fifteen counties, what we will do for the other counties we will do it for you.  He promised that be it street lights, road connectivity, Rivercess will not be left out. “The road from Cestos to Buchanan will be paved”, Mr. Weah said amid loud ovation from the people.

He singled out Mr. Tweahway for special recognition and commendation who he described as a true messenger that have carried out instructions and mandate handed over to him for the benefit of the people of Rivercess.

The President invoke some emotions when he told the mammoth crowd that his excitement  is not much about the development he has carried out in Rivercess, but the fact that his mother, who was everything to him, was born and brought up in the county is something that he cherished most.

“I am happy to be in the county where my mother was born and brought up. Wherever she is today, she will be happy that her son is in Rivercess today”, Mr. Weah said.

Mr. Weah promised chairs, computers for better learning for Rivercess schools and a playground that will be constructed by his wife, first lady Mrs. Clar Marie Weah. In similar vein he promised 10 motorbikes and a vehicle for the chiefs and traditional rulers in the county just like he did in the previous counties he visited.

He thanked the Rivercess County legislative caucus for their support and called on the citizens to contribute to the development of the county.

After the meeting in Yarpah Town, the President and his entourage travelled to Cestos City, Bodowhea Town, Cee Town and similar requests, mainly of road connectivity was re-echoed and the President likewise also provided his response.

Besides the euphoria of the visit and the attendant goodies that may arise from there, one thing that is of anxiety to many who have been following the Presidential tour is whether Mr. Weah is also going to attach some special attention to Rivercess County, his maternal home just like how he has done and intend to do more for Grand Kru County, his paternal home.

The people of Rivercess have not hidden their quest for him to come home and invest in its development by donating first a 250 acre of land for his own personal use and second another whopping 1,000 acres towards his signature national development plan, the Pro Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity. The people are waiting.

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