PUBLIC WORKS GEARS UP -As Massive Roads Rehabilitation Underway

Since its independence in 1847, Liberia’s rural parts and a good chunk of its urban roads have suffered severe neglect as regards connectivity and rehabilitation. Past administrations, from President William V.S. Tubman to the current leadership had always been dogged when it comes to developing roads across the country, to spur economic growth and development. But as Public Works Minister Mobotu Vlah Nyenpan now informs The Analyst, the government of Liberia is ready to resume active rehabilitation works on major road corridors across the Country.

According to Minister Nyenpan, now that the rains have somehow subsided, the Ministry of Public Works is currently intervening on rehabilitation of the road between the Zorzor area and Voinjama in Lofa County.

In a brief interview, Minister Nyenpan disclosed that another Team is being put in place for deployment on the Buchanan to Greenville corridor as well as the Plebo-Barclayville-Greenville highway.

Meanwhile, Minister Nyenpan has disclosed the resumption of roads pavement activities effective the first week of November. He told The Analyst that the Ministry will complete the pavement of all community roads projects it started and then do a few new ones in Monrovia, Greenville, Barclayville, Sasstown, Bopolu and in the Sanoyea District of Bong County.

On a larger scale, the Minister intimated that the Ganta-Tappita, Saniquellie-Loguatuo, Barclayville-Sasstown-Sinoe, Medina-Robertsport, Fishtown-Kilepo are some of the major roads pavement projects that are expected to commence under FY 2019/20.

In a related development, Minister Nyenpan has disclosed that the Roberts International Airport (RIA) road project is expected to kick off in the next few months.

Additionally, the Chinese-funded overhead interchange projects are also expected to begin in the first quarter of 2020; while the GOL is to commence the demolition of structures in the right of way of these projects by November this year.

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