PLP Makes Intervention In Public Transport Woes -Commissions Liberation Transport Service

By: Stephen G. Fellajuah

In the face of acute public transport difficulties in the country, the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) has intervened when it commissioned 10 pieces of seventy-two seater buses to help ease the critical commercial transportation problem, especially in the Monrovia area.

The PLP says the buses will not only be used in Monrovia, but will run across the country into the leeward counties with affordable and accessible fares.

Speaking at the Commissioning ceremony of the buses at the Headquarters of the party yesterday, the Vision Bearer and Political Leader of the PLP, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell said he is aware of the transportation problem in Liberia, He said it was based on his observation of the acute difficulties being experienced by the people with public transportation that the party has decided to provide accessible and affordable public transport buses.

“The suffering of the Israelites in Egypt is over, PLP is here to liberate our people. Today marks the commissioning of our buses, ten pieces of seventy-two seater buses. As God download the vision to us, we will make a way for it to manifest”, the PLP leader said.

Dr. Cassell pointed out that the People’s Liberation Party is here to make the difference, and is prepared to continue to hold the government’s feet to the fire by firstly holding itself accountable.

He debunked the assertion permeating in the public that he has the intention to join the PLP with another party, and said, “I have not come to join any party, because the vision was down loaded through me. I am the vision bearer of the People’s Liberation Party and I call on others to join me in carrying our vision.”

Hear Dr. Cassell:  I didn’t come for the elite, I did come for the poor people because the poor people are my friends – the less fortunate, marginalized, and disenfranchised; the orphans, the widows are the people that I have come to take care of through the vision of the People’s Liberation Party.

He explained that he is being criticized for solving the problems of the people, that he is showing up and wasting his money. He said he rather spend his money on the Liberian people than join with those who intend to exploit the people. The PLP is solution focused and remains number one opposition party for touching the lives of the people while in opposition.

“We are not here to trade with blame, this is a serious matter; our people are dying, our people are suffering. I could stay with my family in my comfort but the spirit of the Lord said no you have to go back to Liberia and help the people, the Liberian humanitarian intoned.

He frowned  on the old recycled and deceitful politicians, and lambasted that ‘they politicians go to the people only when they want power,’ noting that when the people give them the power, they turn their backs on the people and send them away at a time suffering people can barely provide food and school fees their children.

Outlining some of the party’s developmental projects, he named the construction of three bridges the PLP built in Bong Mines and farm to market roads, scholarships, food, and hand pumps sponsored for the people’s wellbeing.

He lamented that politicians have been attempting to discourage every effort the party tries to make by identifying with the people. He however said, “They will keep talking because the more they talk, the more we keep working as long God continues to help us we will continue to solve the problem of the Liberian people.”

Giving the overview of the program, the National Charmin of the PLP, Mr. Wilmot Paye said 2023 will be a battle between integrity and crooks; he assured that the People’s Liberation Party is Liberia’s final hope.

The National Chairman expressed optimism that the PLP is the party that God has sent to liberate the Liberian people from crooks who have continue to deny the vast majority of Liberians of their resources, saying that the PLP is rising up to liberate Liberia and does a lot more for the Liberian people.

As a party, Mr. Paye noted the PLP will undertake any meaningful venture that under the laws of Liberia, especially so the enterprises that touch the lives of the people across the country.

Paye, the former Chairman of the former ruling Unity Party, added that the commissioning of the ten pieces of seventy-two seated buses is in addition to the many achievements of the PLP.

Speaking about other opposition parties, the former Unity Party Chairman said “Opposition should stop hiding behind the failure of any government. Let them come out and show what they can do for the Liberian people and then the people will trust them in 2023.”

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