‘Our Support to Weah Re-election Ironclad’ -Sen. Teahjay’s Kinsmen Debunks His Boakai Endorsement

MONROVIA: Citizens of Tarjuowon Statutory District, in Sinoe County, under the banner “Tarjuowon for President George Manneh Weah Re-election”, have declared their unwavering support and endorsement to President Weah and his re-election bid.

The people say they will go all out to campaign for the President and ensure that they maintain and reserve the 6,010 registered voters exclusively for the President and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

The people, including youth, women, elders, as well as hundreds of friendly strangers residing in the District, say their position is provoked by pronouncements by their kinsman, Senator J. Milton Teahjay, who not only endorsed the Standard Bearer of Unity Party but also spewed derogatory statements at President Weah and the Coalition for Democratic Change government.

The citizens described as utterly embarrassing and deceptive Senator Teahjay’s current political position when just five months ago he personally mobilized all the 48 Sections of the Kru Tribe in Sinoe County in Unification City, Sinoe County, to a major Political Conference at which time a Resolution was signed by all the 48 sections, including him and Tarjuowon people, endorsing the Re-Election of President George Manneh Weah.

The Tarjuowon people further recalled that in 2021, their kinsman, Hon. J. Milton Teahjay, in an open program at the Unification City, his hometown, during President Weah’s county tour there, declared and vowed on behalf of Tarjuowon citizens to lead President Weah’s 2023 campaign in Sinoe County.

At this time in point, Tarjuowon, as a section of the Kru section, while looking at the massive developments carried out by President Weah in five years, cannot afford to quit solidarity with all other Kru people; for there could be reprisals for such an unjustified and inhuman ingratitude and deception being carried out by Hon. Teahjay in the future against him and all of us from Tarjuowon.

The Tarjuowon for President Weah Re-Election is an outgrowth of the promises and covenants made and entered into by Hon. J. Milton Teahjay in their behalf, and therefore says the withdrawal of the Senator from earlier commitments he had made by his endorsement of an opposition political party is untypical of Tarjuowon nature and therefore finds it bizarre and difficult to support him in such a new, delinquent political venture.

During the October 10 polls, the people of Tarjuowon overwhelmingly and unreservedly voted for both Senator J. Milton Teahjay and President George Manneh Weah and are not prepared to do otherwise in the runoff, as the Government’s development programs such as free public college education, free WASSCE, increment in civil servants pay to the minimum of US$150, the maintenance of peace, stability and human freedoms, have also impacted Tarjuowon.

The Tarjuowon citizens say they are not prepared to hurt their relationship with the 48 Kru Sections of Sinoe County with whom, through Hon. Teahjay, they signed a covenant to support President Weah nor are they inclined to pay President ingratitude for appointing their prominent sons—Rufus Darkortey as Executive Director at the Africa Development Bank; Sherman C. Seequeh, Deputy Minister for Public Affairs at the Ministry of State; Johnny Duaryenneh, Deputy Police Commissioner for Operations; Ms. Annie Pobleh, Superintendent, Tarjuowon District; Sylvester Ojuku Blamoh, Assistant Superintendent for Development.

The citizens say their unqualified support and massive vote for Hon. Teahjay during the October 10 did not materialize not because President Weah failed to support him, but because he and his campaign team just did not do much to cultivate honest political engagement with the President after he (Hon. Teahjay) declared his support for the CDC, and it seems the President’s team and the rest of Sinoe people might have noticed in advance his insincerity and chameleonic political attitudes.

The Tarjuowon for Weah Re-Election assures President Weah and the CDC that their support remains unwavering and ironclad, and that in collaboration of all democratic forces of Liberia opting for the continuity of unprecedented development passion and tangibles prevailing under the President, we will sweep all 6,000 registered votes in the District of Tarjuowon for the ruling party and the Standard Bearer.

They stated: “We, the Tarjuowon people—youth, elders, women, and other Liberians residing with us in the District—are already in the trenches, to increase the over 5000 valid votes cast for President Weah in the District during the first round of elections, because we know that our son, Teahjay, knows full well that Tarjuowon DNA, is replete with Blue Blood, like his.

“We call on Hon Teahjay not to deceive Unity Party because in the end, President will win these elections and will also overwhelmingly win Tarjuowon because Hon. Teahjay and the rest of Tarjuowon people, behind the polling booth, will not look at and vote for Old Man Joseph Boakai but will rather summon their consciences to vote the CDC and President Weah.”

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