Martin Kollie Writes WAEC to Change Exam Timetable -Says it will affect Muslim students

Youth Activist and former student leader, Martin KN Kollie has written a letter of concern to the leadership of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC – Liberia) on the scheduling of this year’s edition of examinations for 6th graders which he said conflicts with the celebration of Abraham Day (Eid al Adha), a Muslim holiday on July 20, 2021.

In a letter addressed to Mr. Dale G. Gbotoe, Head of National Office, Liberia and a copy served Mr. Ansu Sonii, Minister of Education, Mr. Kollie who had earlier applauded the examination body for upholding the basic values of quality education in Liberia said that though the day is not a public holiday in Liberia but he was appealing to the authority of WAEC to readjust or reconsider such decision/timeline on two justifications.

He said one of the reasons is that thousands of Islamic students will miss out on writing their WAEC Exams and since WAEC’s ultimate mission or interest is to accommodate every Liberian student through public exams, Islamic students are Liberian students too. He said that informed him to crave the indulgence of WAEC to be more flexible, reasonable, and considerate in this regard.

He said the second reason is Liberia has had and continues to have a shared history of commonality, solidarity, and religious tolerance and the readjustment of this date (July 20, 2021) will further strengthen this invaluable bond, and even reaffirm oneness and national integration.

Mr. Kollie called on all Muslim students and other concerned parties to remain calm as the relevant authorities are being approached to promptly and positively address the genuine concern of those who want the issue resolved without confusion.

“With sentiments of high esteem and best wishes, we remain hopeful of your timely consideration. We want to wish all Liberian and West African students a successful pass as they prepare themselves for WAEC 2021”, he concluded.

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