Jewel Starfish Foundation Steps Up COVID-19 Fight -Distributes Essential Supplies Across Liberia

Not too many Liberians, particularly those in the echelon of Government, are taking lightly the fight against the novel coronavirus, which comes with conditions unbearable for many underprivileged people. Almost every well-meaning citizen is squeezing out even their meager earnings to put smile on the face of the less unfortunate segment of the population. For Vice President Jewel Taylor, extending a helping hand and sharing with indigenes and catastrophe-trapped people is ingrained in her DNA; something that came out more prominently during the civil war years, giving solid foundation to the popularity she enjoys today. In addition to many interventions made since the last several months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vice President, through her Jewel Starfish Foundation, has stepped up her sensitization and relief-distribution efforts, as The Analyst reports.

The impact of Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor’s humanitarian engagement with the population is being felt concretely across the country, according to reports monitored by The Analyst Newspaper.

Dr. Taylor’s outreach with essential sanitization and food supplies has touched almost every county of Liberia except for two through the Jewel Starfish Foundation (JSF).

The coronavirus leaves not only a trail of anxiety, death and harsh social restrictions; it has also left many families, already at the lower level of social life, vulnerable to disease and hunger.

Thus, as a result of the worldwide effects of the COVID-19 pandemic across nations of the World, including Liberia, the Jewel Starfish Foundation since began its interventions from March to June 15, 2020.

“Our mandate was to initially send food, sanitary and health kits to the 2,000 beneficiaries across the Nation,” said an executive of the JSF. “It is our pleasure to report that this assignment has almost been completed; as the JSF Teams have gone to every COUNTY in our Union, except Maryland and River Gee.”

The Foundation expressed its thanks and appreciation to all 13 team members who went beyond the call of duty to make sure the supplies were taken to the beneficiaries.

“The reason for the delay in supplies for the 2 remaining Counties is because of bad road conditions. However alternative means are being considered to ensure that all beneficiaries receive their supplies. The JSF went beyond the ordinary to provide extra supplies to those needy persons in each County. As some of them, like teachers and elderly were also catered to.”

The Foundation is thankful to all those who provided support to this national cause. We pray that your contributions in fuel, rice, buckets, sanitary pads, Clorox, hand sanitizers, face masks and gloves given to help our needy girls will be replenished a thousand times.

“Accept our gratitude for your timely interventions,” said the Foundation.

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