Jewel Is The Best Running-mate To Weah’s 2023 Bid -Says Snowe, Denies CDC’s Vice standard bearer Rumors

The political curtains of Liberia’s democratic governance is gradually rolling back to set in for the political theatre of 2023 presidential and general elections and key state political actors have  begun weighting thoughts in their expert opinions on the way forward as it relates to presidential and vice presidential candidates in 2023 elections in the country. One of those leading politicians with local and international face is Bomi County Senator, Edwin Melvin Snowe, Jr. who has spoken out his mind and the right ticket for the governing Coalition for Democratic Change CDC if the ruling party is to retain power in the country.

Liberians are gearing up for elections in October of next year in line with the 1986 constitution and there has been widespread public discussions and rumors that President George Weah has harbored plans to drop Vice President Jewel Howard – Taylor and replace her with Bomi County Senator, Edwin M. Snowe. Jr; as running mate to contest the 2023 presidential elections on the ticket of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)  but the Bomi County Senator has disproved such information stating that the Vice President Jewel Howard – Taylor remains the best choice to be on the ticket with President Weah.

On the Tuesday, April 19, 2022, edition of OK FM “Afternoon Conversation show”, Senator Snowe said Vice President Jewel Howard -Taylor remains the most perfect, outstanding individual with the most pleasant political face along with a very strong political base to be a running mate to President George Weah in the 2023 upcoming elections and that those who were pointing to him as the next choice to President Weah were misinforming the Liberian populace.

Since the elections of President Weah and Vice Taylor, the Liberian Vice President has proven to be a very good vice president to the Liberian leader, George Weah noting that though at times the Vice President Taylor would disagree with President Weah, but publicly both them have not had any beef to indicate that she could not perform her roles and assigned duties as Vice President of the Liberia.

President Weah and Vice President Taylor, the Bomi County legislator noted, that the pair have a good coordination leadership style that binds them to their separate political roots despite   Vice President Jewel Taylor has never been a ‘packed car or a  bobo’  vice President under President Weah since the two were elected to power.

Senator Snowe explained further that Vice President Taylor has a very strong political ties with her county, her political constituency, the National Patriotic Party (NPP) which is rooted nationwide, her county and the Liberian people in general and backed by President Weah and that of the CDC connection with people do present both President Weah and Vice President Taylor were unique together to remain on the ticket for the October elections in 2023.

The rumors to replace Madam Taylor on the ticket of the CDC, he stated was not true disclosing that he will not shy away from supporting the candidacy of President Weah and Vice Taylor in 2023 presidential elections that he, Sen. Snowe has no further ambition to contest.

According to the Bomi County legislator, the President Weah and Madam Taylor’s second term presidential bids could come out of the October 2023 elections if the C DC government achieve ongoing projects around the country and that of the creation of more job opportunities should the national legislature approve the ArcelorMittal, Bio Chico concessions among other companies that are or would be creating jobs through the country.

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