“I Will Defeat Them More Than 2017” -Weah Debunks Opposition “One-Term Presidency” Call -Thanks Liberians for Supporting His Gov’t

As the clock ticks closer to the 2023 presidential and legislative elections, leading politicians and political parties are striving to upend one another in a bid to garner more support from the voters. The Alternative National Congress’ new Standard Bearer (SB) used the occasion of recent election to send a stern caveat to the ruling establishment, stating categorically that when he becomes the Collaborating Political Parties SB after their December 2021 selection process, he would ensure a one-term rule for President George Manneh Weah and his Coalition for Democratic Change. But apparently responding to Mr. Alexander Cummings’ assertion which was lifted by the media, President Weah used the occasion of his 55th Birthday Celebration to debunk statements from the opposition that he will be a one term president, stating unequivocally that he will defeat the opposition hands down in 2023 because he is the voice of the Liberian people, and that the Liberian people love him.

“I read in the newspapers, someone said the Liberian people will make George Weah a one term president. But on this birthday, I want to say to them that during election times, and after elections, God will make sure that their mouths will be closed. I, Gbekugbeh, will defeat them worse  than in 2017. And the only reason I am going to do that is because I am the voice of the Liberian people and the Liberian people love me,” President Weah declared to his supporters.

2017 déjà vu à la 2023?

The birthday celebrant also used the occasion to remind his critics that he is used to defying the odds and the criticisms from naysayers who believe he cannot make the grade for a second term. Reminiscing on events of the 2017 elections, President Weah informed the multitude that he has surpassed such criticisms.

“In 2016, on this same date, I was in my office when about 20 of my friends came to me to say happy birthday. I didn’t know their plans. Right after we ate, all 20 of them walked outside and declared that they were not supporting me. Right there, Hon. Bill Tweahway came into my office and started to cry. He said, ‘these people treated you like this. The way you treat people, they can’t treat you well. Why did everybody go against you?’

“And I turned to Bill and said: ‘Is that why you are crying? But I can guarantee you I will beat those people just like a little baby. When they hear the election result they will understand that God got me,’” President Weah thundered amidst rapturous applause.

Explaining further why he is certain the Liberian people will cast their lot with his leadership under the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), President Weah said he has worked for his country and sacrificed a lot.

“Coming to this leadership wasn’t a bluff. To me, coming to this leadership was to change something in this country. If you look around you, you can see that there is change. And I guarantee you, in our second term, there will be even more changes. So don’t listen to them.

“I am going to use this day to enjoy it. But I am only informing you that they say they will make me a one term president; but I refuse. God in heaven knows that I will win in 2023. I declare it. The Coalition for Democratic Change will be the winner in 2023,” President Weah shouted ecstatically to the multitude of CDC partisans, well-wishers and observers that thronged the headquarters of the Congress for Democratic in Congotown to observe his 55th birthday on October 1, 2021.

Extolling Liberians, CDCians, for Resilience

President Weah meanwhile seized the occasion of his birth anniversary to extend thanks and appreciation to the Liberian people for showing his love on his birthday. He also quashed rumors that the citizens were coerced to observe his birth anniversary around the country.

“And that’s why I am always thanking you, the people. I am thanking you for the respect, love and for the strength. Without you, we couldn’t have made it. This is why we are working diligently every day to make sure that some of your needs are met; and our country is developed to your satisfaction, so it can bring you economic growth. Do not mind those that tell you every day: ‘look at you’.

“If you are one million people, and you have 50 percent working, it is possible for everybody to be happy, because those who are working will help others. This is why I speak to all our leaders to make sure that we help each other. CDCians have heard it already.

“I want to thank you for the gift of friendship. I want to thank you for your resilience, your commitment to our noble party. You are on the right track. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. What is happening today around the country is that people are celebrating my birthday; this cannot be duplicated. This is the love from the heart of the people. It was not paid for. People willingly came out to say happy birthday.

“My people, you are true leaders, you are the true heroes. Let us hold together so that we can defeat and defy all odds. We are the Congress for Democratic Change. We are the Coalition for Democratic Change,” President Weah enthused.

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