“I told IVah Not to Write Any Book about Me” – Costa Quotes Pres. Weah as saying on Controversial Biography

The much heralded 20 minutes conversation between controversial talk show host-cum political activist Henry Pedro Costa and President George Manneh has been getting rave reactions since Costa released a podcast on Monday in which he spoke endearingly of the Liberian leader, at one point even praising Weah for his magnanimity and maturity in reaching to him after their falling out a few years ago. Costa also used his podcast to inform Liberians and the world that President Weah for the first time had broken silence on the controversial biography coauthored by Isaac Vah Tukpah, the former Chief of Staff to ANC political leader Alexander B. Cummings. Tukpah’s co-authored book, “George Weah: The Dream, The Legend, The Rise to Power”, spoke disparagingly of President Weah, his wife and family, causing a ruckus especially among women activists who decried the denigration of the Liberian womanhood in such despicable manner as was luridly captured in Chapter 13 of the book.

“When IVah Tukpah approached me to write a book about my life, I told him not to write any book about me. If I want someone to write a book about me, it would not be IVah,” President Weah was quoted by Henry Costa as saying.

Costa further disclosed that President Weah, during their 20 minutes telephone conversation, said while it is true that Isaac Vah Tukpah reached out to him about writing the book, he adamantly told IVah Tukpah never to write a book about him. According to Costa, President Weah said if he wanted a book written about himself, it would be somebody that he would pick to write the book; not IVah.

“I am not surprised, because IVah and George Weah were not really cool. So to hear President Weah saying he told IVah not to write a book about him is very believable to me and makes a lot of sense. If I want somebody to write a book about me, I would go to someone who I am comfortable with, to share intimate personal details with. So President Weah told me that he told IVah not to write any book about him, but IVah proceeded to write the book anyway,” Mr. Costa stated matter-of-factly in his podcast.

Costa said President Weah also informed him during their telephone conversation that the Government of Liberia was never out to arrest Mr. Tukpah after contents of his book were revealed to the Liberian public.

According to Costa, President Weah said IVah ran to the border to cross over into Sierra Leone after 11pm when the borders were officially closed by 6pm.

“The government never arrested him. IVah was stopped because it was late. Our people then called the US Embassy saying that one of their citizens tried to leave the country, but it was late. They brought him to town and turned him over. IVah was trying to cross to Sierra Leone after 11pm whereby the border closes at 6pm,” President Weah was quoted by Costa as explaining how Isaac Vah Tukpah tried to escape the country after contents of his controversial book were made public amidst the rising public anger.

Costa said he even praised President Weah during their telephone conversation on the proactive stance the Government had taken in the face of the Tukpah saga.

“So I said, that was a good thing Mr. President. I commended him for that. I said it publicly on the show when it happened then,” Costa stated.

The talk show host said President Weah told him that even though he is thick-skinned when it comes to criticisms; such criticisms should be fair and unbiased, devoid of attacks and insults on his family.

“Look Mr. Costa. When I played football, people used to criticize me; when I scored some goal, they would say the goal was not a good goal.

“Criticize me all you want, but just be fair. I am president. I am here. I am the dump pile. Criticize me all you want. But my family – my wife and my children, don’t attack or insult them,” President Weah is quoted as stating.

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