Grand Gedeans Condemn Ethnic Profiling -Urge Citizens to embrace Peace, Unity

USA : The people of Grand Gedeh County through the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas(GGAA) have issued a strong worded communication condemning  the barrage of sentimental and emotional accusations being peddled against them, asserting that these accusations coming from individuals on social media and in a position of influence, are solely intended “to victimize our people yet again and send disturbing signals amongst our people at home and in the Diaspora just as GGAA cautioned against such acts and called on the citizens to embrace peace, national unity and reconciliation.

In a press statement issued by GGAA and signed by Madam Edith Poah, National President, the organization speaking on behalf of Grand Gedeans both at home and abroad said they will not support anyone who has any intention to create chaos or violence in the country, adding that anyone who has the intention to destabilize the country’s democratic process will not have the support of the people of Grand Gedeh County.

“We find it necessary to emphasize the enduring value of maintaining peace and dispelling any false notions that suggest violence as a means to an end. The people of the Republic of Liberia have shown great resilience and progress towards unification and rebuilding after a brutal civil war. We categorically denounce any actions or statements that spread hate, incite violence, or target individuals and groups based on their ethnicity. Grand Gedeans will do anything that promotes the peace and tranquility of the nation, and nothing less, and will not be used by anyone or group to engage in any violent act”, the release stated.

The organization commended all citizens of Liberia for actively participating in the democratic process by exercising their fundamental rights to vote in the October 10th presidential and legislative elections.

“GGAA, the largest umbrella organization of Grand Gedeans in the diaspora, realizes that the people of Grand Gedeh also reserve the right to vote for anyone without fear of intimidation, harassment, and victimization. It is a good thing that our people are actively involved in the determination of their leaders, and their choices must be protected, encouraged, and respected”, the release said.

The release further stated that the people of Grand Gedeh County have and continue to be consistent with the teachings of country’s forefathers, to uphold certain core values such as equal access to opportunities for all Grand Gedeans, assurance of peace, security, and the rule of law and transparent and effective governance.

Other core values according to the release are sustainable economic growth, reservation of natural resources and environment and the respect of fundamental human rights and human dignity

“This vision is indeed, to foster national peace, and national unity, upholding quality social, economic, and infrastructure development for all Liberians. As Grand Gedeans, we will never deviate from or abandon these core values. We make an appeal to all Liberians, to build a peaceful and prosperous future for Liberia, together”, the release concluded.

  1. Jacob Doe says

    Madam, one who alleges or claims, must prove. Who are those “individuals of influence“ bombarding “the barrage of sentimental and emotional accusations being peddled against Grand Gedeans“, and what are the specific accusations against Grand Gedeans? Clarity is necessary even if all Liberians were participants of your referenced social media.

    A society or a nation must be able to identify perpetrators in order to incinerate any menace perpetrated by perpetrators. Justice, remedy, and or solution are bound to be achieved when the complaint, allegation, or claim is definite, specific, precise, and clear, AND NOT VAGUE.

  2. Elijah Komontey Gbarweay says

    Go on Facebook and search ALEXANDER ELLIS

  3. RooseveltYealue says

    May the Almighty God bless all peace loving Grand Gedeans and you as the leader of this unique group. God bless Mama Liberia.

  4. S. Taye’laybah Kwitee, Sr says

    My fellow kinsmen and kinswomen, it is not only about who says or does what. Grand Gedeh is a home to a united community, bound together as one family, despite our diverse tribal lines. Our shared blood, coursing through our veins, connects us all. As a self-declared opinion leader and elder of Grand Gedeh, I take this opportunity to appeal to all residents of our county and citizens in the diaspora: let unity prevail among us. Esteemed President, I implore you to address the growing misunderstanding between two distinguished heroes: Joshua Blaiyee, the former militia General known as Butt Naked, who bravely defended the Krahn nation in 1994 when rebel terrorists threatened to drown us in the Atlantic Ocean, and Hon. Kai Farley, whose valor from 2002-2003 drove the rebel terrorists out of our beloved Grand Gedeh county. Their bravery has enshrined our nation among the proud counties of Liberia. Let us handle this brewing tension honorably and strive for a swift resolution. May peace reign supreme among us. May God continue to bless Grand Gedeh and Mama Liberia.

    S. Taye’laybah Kwitee, Sr.
    Retired Major AFL, Current President,
    Giah Development Association in the Americas.

  5. Troy Curry says

    My brother suggested I might like this blog. He was totally right. This post actually made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

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