Former ERES Liberia Rep Robert Clark Opens Up -Implicates Govt Brass in “SPEED BUMPS: THE PLOT (Series 6)” – Below is Mr. Robert Clark’s response.


August 31, 2021 by spotlightafrica

Fellow Liberians,

The past few days have been a nightmare for both my family and me. And that is not because it exposed my reputation and character to public ridicule, but rather because my life is at stake. I have come in response to the allegations made against me by Eric Filor Nagbe. I had initially decided to remain silent and follow the course of the law, being a student of the law, however, I am constrained to respond to what is now a smear campaign more than it is about finding an alleged missing vehicle.

Additionally, for reasons stated in the below narrative and with specific reference to the mysterious deaths of late, I wish to publicly announce that I no longer feel safe at this particular time. My earnest deed of bringing the European Railroads Established Services (ERES) — a French company, to invest in developing Liberia’s road network has turned into a dreadful witch-hunt by Eric and shrewdly supported by some senior officials of the Liberian government in response to what they consider as “[me] embarrassing [them] through [my] publications,” exposing the challenges I faced in trying to get this company operational. The above is only an introduction to what the past few days have been for me, and it is on this note, I’ve come to give my account of the story:

On Thursday, August 19, at 7:12 PM,I received a telephone call from a gentleman who introduced himself as Commissioner Gboyah, of the Liberian National Police. His interest was in having me appear at his office the next day at 10:00 AM. When I inquired about the nature of his invitation, he declined to tell and further threatened to have “[my] house surrounded by law enforcement officers and arrested if I refused to heed his request.” Given the notoriety of the LNP misconduct in its line of duty, I took his statement as no idle threat.

I reminded Commissioner Gboyah that he was in error making such a remark. That if, considering there was an investigation in which I was labeled a “person of interest,” (as he later indicated) his approach was in ultra violation of Section 10.1 (a) (b) (c) and (d) of the Criminal Procedure Laws of Liberia. Notwithstanding, Gboyah and his team of Liberian Police officers were determined to effect an arrest of my person without a court warrant on the morning of Friday, August 20, 2021. Such premature and unprofessional display of Commissioner Gboyah and his team registered their clear disregard for Liberian laws. It also signaled Eric and his government allies’ desperation to link me to the commissioning of an alleged crime, have me arrested and detained on a bogus charge with a smear campaign to counter the “embarrassment” I’ve caused them.

I did not go with the officers who came to make the arrest that morning. But I did make an appearance at the LNP Headquarters of my own volition along with a colleague from Law school and a security agent assigned to bird-dog the process. We arrived and were escorted to the office of Raffell Wilson, whose assigned security code is R-3. While there, Commissioner Gboyah informed R-3 that “Eric Nagbe called and asked him to bring me in as a ‘person if interest’ in the alleged disappearance of the French company’s vehicle,” (Plate: ERES-1) which I officially turn over to him (Eric) on February 6, 2021. I have all the communications detailing the turnover. I was never contacted about this vehicle, which was acknowledged and received by Eric Nagbe from February this year until a few days ago.

CIP—Joseph Washington, of the CSD/LNP, was quickly fetched from his office to assemble a team for dispatch to what R-3 confidently described as a “crime scene.” Before Washington and his team left the office, the agent pointed out a fundamental flaw of the investigators in commencing an investigation without clearly stating the reasons for which I was invited. I stressed their disregard for Article 21 (c) of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia (as amended), in keeping with such proceedings. A brouhaha ensued between the investigators and the agent. Absolutely nothing impeded the guys from visiting the alleged crime scene. If there’s one thing you must know about such a line of work, is that investigators tend to find what they’re looking for even if it isn’t there. They set out to prove my observation correct in this instance.

Having critiqued R-3’s method of investigation and collection of evidence, he requested I leave my telephone number should in case he wishes to contact me. I complied. Not long after we left his office, I was called to go back in at the LNP headquarters. Upon arrival, R-3 apologized for what he reasoned was flagging an apparent “harassment.” According to him, CIP Washington called and relayed some information from the scene. R-3 wasn’t impressed so he advised them to leave and had us dismissed from his office.

A few hours later, I received information that the magisterial court, at the behest of the State, had subpoena my call record from Orange, the GSM company. The individual pushing that agenda is none other but Eric Filor Nagbe. His sole intent is to desperately forge a nexus between the culprit caught on CCTV driving off in ERES-1 and me. Here is where I leave you with a few inklings to ponder:

  1. According to Eric in an interview with the Whistleblower news outlet: (, the culprit caught on camera was investigated by the LNP. But aren’t you curious to know why he was remiss to mention the individual’s name in the story, or is that information not relevant to the public? Is the individual even in police custody? I think it is also very important to note that Eric made an offer of Five (5) Thousand USD to the same culprit to concoct a story; the same guy rumored to be the government’s hitman.
  2. Secondly, Eric’s attempt to pin me as the alleged driver of the purported blue car in the video is futile to comment at the very least. While the referenced police report in the article confirms the confession of the two (2) accomplices to be the drivers of the blue car, it did, however, fail to inform the public that the Toyota pick-up in question was retrieved by the police at a local garage in Congo Town where the accomplices claimed to have parked it. Why was the information omitted when witnesses in the area confirmed the actors’ testimonies according to the aforementioned article? Was this car stolen in the first place or is this a not-so-clever set up to have me “handcuffed, paraded in the streets, mugshot taken and same shared on all blogs and other social media means” as explained by Eric during one of his meetings with friends including Mark Quiah?

Importantly, the nature of the situation does warrant an investigation to ascertain the facts in the case. I do concur. But when the government in the absence of a formal complaint or pending case subpoena a ‘duces tecum’ to be used as evidence in what could lead to a criminal trial, in a jurisdiction like Liberia where power and politics tend to supplant the rule of law, it leaves the critical mind with more questions than answers to find. In other words, what fish does the government have to fry in this matter?

At the LNP headquarters on Friday, August 20, 2021, it was established that no formal complaint was filed in regards to the allegation, except for Eric’s request to have me brought in as a “person of interest” in link to the alleged missing vehicle. The LNP in their dispose of duty that morning proceeded wrongfully, hence my refusal to leave with them. The common law practice in such a proceeding commences when a “formal complaint” is filed to the police by the complainant. But the police, as at the time of my visit to their office, had no formal complaint from Eric in their possession, yet, they were out to make an arrest early that morning. Also, the move by the city’s solicitor was a red flag to the safeguard and execution of the law and keeping of justice. It warned of Eric and his government friends’ secret plot to have me arrested, detained, if not assassinated in link to the alleged missing car. But there is a reason why all of this is happening and its matrix is the publication of my recent articles entitled SPEEDBUMPS.

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When I was relieved of my position as Country Representative of ERES Liberia, because I could not get the Minister of Finance to provide us required documents and approval, I had one last meeting with an individual I met in Paris (2017) when I worked as an intern editor for The Africa Report (TAR) news network. I was still very confident of the process being successful and thought he could assist in getting the French company approval for business. That person is none other but Liberia’s President— George M. Weah. The meeting was organized by Representative Solomon George who took me to meet the Head of State at his private Jamaica Resort on a sunny afternoon in March of 2021. I complained the Minister of Finance— Samuel D. TWEAH, to his boss who placed a telephone call to him in the presence of the lawmaker and myself. TWEAH did not like the idea of being called by the President on the matter. The meeting with the President came only as a last resort when all efforts to have the Minister of State— Nathaniel McGill, impress upon the Finance Minister to approve ERES incentive document. That did not happen.

When the president inquired from his Finance Minister the status of ERES engagement with his office, the Finance boss provided a lazy excuse that we had “an outstanding issue to be resolved.” To my knowledge, we did not. I reminded the president that there are only two (2) signatories to the Ministry of Finance incentive process, Deputy Minister—Samora Wolokollie and his boss, Samuel D. Tweah. Here is what the public needs to know and understand. The incentive document was signed by Wolokollie in December of 2020 and forwarded to the Finance Minister for final approval. His refusal to do so, amongst other things, provoked a verbal attack by the lawmaker publicly calling for his resignation and subsequently meeting with the President on the matter. The President, ending his telephone call redirected us to the office of the Finance boss. Nothing moved after that. This was when I believed that things had fallen apart.

On April 19, 2021, I received information that DEEPAK KATARIA— Supply & Trading Manager of RUBIS Asphalt Middle East (RAME) was in Liberia from the head office in Dubai to meet with road contractors. This only meant one thing: that the incentive certificate that could not be approved by the Minister of Finance while I was in charge of the French company for almost two (2) years had been signed. My sources confirmed. This striking revelation led to the publication of SPEEDBUMPS to unravel Eric Nagbe and the government’s secret plan to swindle ERES Liberia. The exposure of the conspiracy led to the current witch-hunt, and that is why Eric has launched a smear campaign and the government is after me.

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