Dr. Cassell’s Foundation Identifies With District 17 -Donates Food Items to Several Groups

By Stephen G. Fellajuah

The Dr. Cassell’s Foundation has distributed food items to several groups in District #17, Montserrado to help ameliorate some of the economic challenges facing residents, especially by putting food daily on the tables of many disadvantaged families in that part of the county.

The distribution was done over the weekend in Wilson Corner Community, Brewerville City.  Beneficiaries of the gesture by the Dr. Cassel Foundation include widows, orphans, disables, women, old folks, underprivileged youth, students, religious groups and elders amongst others.

The Foundation distributed 300 bags of rice and 250 gallons of edible oil to 21 groups from across the district, who converged at the Candle Kids Academy to receive their ration of the food items, as the Foundation promised to further look into other requests from the people by the leading of God.

In his remarks, the CEO/ President of the institution, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell said the food items provided to the District is in response to the many requests put forth by residents of the district when he recently paid acquaintance visit to them.

The Liberian humanitarian added, “The last time we first met, we listened and you told us the problems you are going through. Today, we are here to answer some of the problems you presented to us,” Dr. Cassel asserted. He further remembered that since six years ago, he and his wife have been helping the Liberian people with so many things – foods, medicines, money and other developmental projects.

However, Dr. Cassell noted that all what his foundation has been doing to the people of Liberia have not benefited the people of District #17, something he said has not settled down well with his foundation because it is in that district that he started his education.

Dr. Cassell indicated that he attended the Lott Carey Mission which is situated in Brewerville, Montserrado District #17. “The particular request that the widows emphasized on, concerning how it is difficult for them to put food on their table, really touched me.

Donation of the rice and edible oil, he said, was based upon the request for food Items by several under privileged groups, for which his foundation decided to surprise residents in that part of the county where he was schooled. He assured the different groups that gathered at the site that he will feed them when they are hungry.

While thanking residents of several communities for turning out to receive what they have requested for, Dr. Cassell indicated that his foundation has bigger plan for the people of Brewerville and other communities in the district. He asked them to work along with him, imploring them to see him as their own.

The groups, in their separate remarks, thanked Dr. Cassell for his goodwill to the people of Liberia through his foundation. They said the good news is that Dr. Cassell’s work is touching the lives of ordinary people SSacross the country.

“We thanked you for the food. Not only this food but all that you have been doing for Liberians all over the country. May God continue to bless you and your family”, they said.

They added, “This District is for you. We the people are willing to work with a good man like you who is concerned about the common people.”

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