Cummings Gets Rousing Welcome In District#2

Thousands of residents in Kpaween Town, District #2, Montserrado County turned out on Sunday May 1, to give an overwhelming  welcome to the Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Mr. Alexander Cummings during his visit to their town.

The mass turnout and warmth reception was seemingly in recognition of the Alternative National Congress assistance towards the construction of a market in 2017 and the erection of a bridge estimated over US$10,000 in December 2021 in the District.

The visit by the ANC Political Leader is in continuation of his community engagement to meet, greet and interact with citizens on issues of personal concerns and critical national issues leading to the elections in 2023.

Kpaween Town, District #2 has an estimated 6,000 residents, according to a community spokesperson, Mr. Preston Dentor, who welcomed the ANC Political Leader and entourage to the District on Sunday.

The ceremony was attended by cross sections of marketers from the Liberia Marketing Association, the Women of New Jerusalem, the United Bassa Women Association, the Gbandi Women Association, Islamic organizations represented by Imam Kadifi Sheriff, Youth groups and elders of Kpaween, District #2.

The citizens spoke of the lack of safe drinking water, deplorable road conditions, which the  government has failed to provide over the years.

Responding, the ANC Political Leader expressed gratitude to the people of Kpaween Town, District #2 for the warm receptions and the huge turnout which greeted his visit.

Mr. Cummings empathized with the plight of the people in the district and blamed the mass suffering and poor and decaying infrastructure to bad governance of the CDC government of President George Weah.

He cautioned Liberians against repeating the past mistakes of electing and selecting incompetent and unqualified leaders in government.

“If you want a better country and improvement in your living conditions, elect and select better leaders, who are qualified and competent to bring about real change,” the ANC Political Leader told the cheering crowd.

Mr. Cummings said with ANC leadership, he will invest in education, youth training, work and create job opportunities, protect and empower women, while the elderly will be rewarded for services rendered to the country.

Mr. Cummings said Liberia is too rich with so many natural resources including gold, diamond rubber iron ore bauxite, for the vast majority to be living in abject poverty.

He said it was time for Liberians to do some  sober reflections and reject the old ways of  doing the same thing over and expecting different results.

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