“Bring Perpetrators To Justice” -Says Dr. Cassell, Laments State of Insecurity

In the wake of the mysterious deaths that claimed the lives of some prominent Liberians, the Political Leader of the People’s Liberation Party Dr. Daniel E. Cassell has condemned the wave murders of the prominent Liberians that fell victim to the incident and called on the government to bring the perpetrators, who are yet to be identified by the security forces, to justice.

Early during the week, news of the gruesome murders of three prominent individuals broke announcing the unexplained demise of the Rev. Dr. William R. Tolbert III, the youngest son of former President William R. Tolbert Jr and until his death Peace Ambassador of Liberia; the late John Hilary Tubman, a son of former President William V. S. Tubman Sr.; and an officer of the Liberia Immigration Service, Madam Maude Elliott, the political leader and vision bearer of the People’s Liberation Party(PLP),

Addressing a press conference yesterday, Thursday, November 4, 2021 in Monrovia, Dr. Cassell said that the continuous gruesome and mysterious murdering of fellow citizens is becoming pervasive and spurring fear and trauma amongst the citizenry, adding that the lives of a Liberian or foreigner alike must not be taken, especially in such bloody fashion.

“The prevalent savagery onslaught on fellow citizens by wild murderers who cannot be tracked down in real-time certainly suggests that the security forces of the state are extremely weak and suffice to say the government is incapable of providing security for its people,” Dr. Cassell said.

Consequently, the PLP political leader emphasized that a government that is derelict and often defaults on its constitutional responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of its people is certainly unfit to govern.

“Fellow Liberians, a month ago, our country was saddled with the horrifying wave of ritualistic killings by evil-minded people with dreadful images and videos displayed on social media. When the government was condemned for failing to protect the people from these bloodthirsty killers, the government summoned the audacity to deny the reports of ritualistic killings and contended that the news of a rising wave of mysterious killings was erroneous,” he said.

The government contended that news about the horrifying wave of ritualistic killings was a propaganda crafted and heralded by the opposition community, to intentionally defame and cast a spell on the government’s image, wondering, “… what the government will say regarding the gruesome killing of these citizens”.

The opposition leader said that with the scale of terror being afflicted on the Liberian people by murderers, it is apparently clear that the security of the citizenry is not a priority for the George Weah—led government, something he said he detests with much indignation and consternation.

Earlier in his address,   Dr. Cassell had extended  condolences to the bereaved families and offered his fervent prayers that God will give them solace and daring strength during this period of devastation and painstaking grief.

“Finally, as the Leader and Vision Bearer of the People’s Liberation Party, I hereby demand that a speedy investigation be launched in these chilling murders with a view of ensuring that the wicked perpetrators are tracked down and brought before the Court of law.

“And may I caution the administration that instead of politicizing the brutal and mysterious deaths of citizens, it must take responsibility for defaulting on its constitutional responsibility to protect the citizenry which places them at the risk of being decimated by wicked elements who feed on human blood and flesh”, Dr. Cassell concluded his speech.

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