ALCOP Endorses Rescue Mission -As Lusinee Kamara Looks Forward to a Vibrant Liberia

MONROVIA: As the politics of endorsements has overwhelmed both sides of the presidential runoff between the mainstream opposition forerunners, the Unity Party (UP) of former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, and the incumbent Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) of President George Manneh Weah, the opposition All-Liberia Coalition (ALCOP) of Lusinee F. Kamara Sr. yesterday endorsed the Rescue Mission of Ambassador Boakai.

Mr. Kamara whose address centered around his party’s expectation of social justice, vibrant opportunities, transparency and a corruption free society   indicated to a mammoth crowd of supporters of ALCOP and Unity Party that the endorsement is in line with the party’s manifesto and its tenacity to drive its aspiration and leading of the people.

The ALCOP Standard Bearer exuberantly indicated, “We, as the standard bearer of ALCOP, are honored to mention our golden principles today as we speak about our political party’s alignment and the values that guide us in our mission for the betterment of our country.”

He said the foundation of “our political manifesto stands on philosophies that drive the aspirations and needs of the people we represent as a party, saying that he believes in the followings providing immediate solutions to governance challenges confronting Liberia, including human rights, freedom and justice; and comprehensive social security services for all Liberians; and embarking on economic policy reforms and increasing investment opportunities.

He indicated that his party also believes in increasing Liberia’s national budget to 1.6 billion in three years which entails advancing rigorous domestic resource mobilization, citizen-driven national budgetary framework, budget transparency and expenditure reporting and a national policy framework to stop exploitation, corruption and collusion in Liberia.

The ALCOP leader furthered mentioned “ending poverty and improving the quality of education in Liberia; sustainable national human capital development programs for our current generation of youth; alleviating poverty and hunger in Liberia through sustainable job creation and agricultural programs that must drastically reduce hunger among our people and enhancing policy framework on gender and crimes”.

“ALCOP’s foundation of our political manifesto stands on philosophies that drive the aspirations and needs of the people also seeks to ensuring deliberate investment decisions into Liberia’s infrastructure development, including reliable, available and affordable power and energy across Liberia, making available modern airport and aviation infrastructure, engaging the construction and maintenance of a better transport infrastructure to include standard roads and rails networks throughout the country, investing in state-of-the-art technology for advanced communications infrastructure and reliable, available and affordable health care delivery system as well as safe water supplies to all Liberians”, he said.

These values, he said, are the guiding lights for ALCOP’s policies that inform its decisions for alignment to any political institutions, and not just about labels or limited in their benefits to groups of citizens.

Instead, he noted that they are about a vision for a better and more equitable future for all Liberians,  and are also about giving every citizen the opportunity to realize the full potential, regardless of their backgrounds, thereby creating a society that fosters growth, unity, peace, justice, shared prosperity and national progress for all.

“As we move forward to the runoff election,” Mr. Kumara pointed out, ALCOP has gathered support through intensive consultations that have enabled us to generate brilliant ideas from partisans, party officials, traditional elders and prelates, and noted that these consultations are the major drivers of our decision for alignment.

Accordingly, Mr. Kamara said, “we, the officials and members of the All Liberia Coalition Party hereby endorse the presidential bid of the standard bearer of the Unity Party, Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai on the following grounds and to ensuring that concerted and collaborative campaign strategy and rigorous poll watching efforts are formulated and implemented to guarantee sound victory in these runoff elections.”

ALCOP’S manifesto, he maintained, must also be considered in formulating the governing policy of Liberia and establishing a government of inclusion for the benefit of all Liberians, adding, “… our party’s alignment is about the hopes and dreams of the people in the unity party led government.”

He then urged supporters and sympathizers of ALCOP to work together with the Unity Party leadership in their respective communities across Liberia to ensure that the unity party is voted into power in the November 14, runoff election; urging them to vote #1 on the ballot for the betterment of our country.

Accepting the endorsement, Ambassador Boakai said “By your decision, I stand so moved that I can bear witness that I see ahead   a   brighter   future,   a   future   filled   with   the   air   of   healing   and restoration.”

The Unity Party flag-bearer noted that he   can   see   a   future   of   inclusion,   wherein the children of Christians and Muslims, and of the various ethnic groups, working together harmoniously for the development of this nation, adding, “I should spare no time therefore to stretch my arms in warm embrace and humble acceptance of your historic ENDORSEMENT of the tenets, precepts   and   concept   of   the   RESCUE   MISSION   as   heralded   by   your fraternal Unity Party.”

“As   I   rise   to   accept   this   notably   nationalistic   endorsement,” he said, “let   me forewarn you that this undertaking is no easy one. The resolve on the other   side   of   the   aisle   to   keep   this   country   under   the   sway   of malfeasance, thievery, and total mismanagement is no less strong. Let us thus brace ourselves, not allowing anything to take us unawares.”

Ambassador Boakai urged that they all bind   together to   build   a tolerant society, a   society   in which diversity   is   a   reservoir from which we draw inspiration to fashion a great and socially harmonious nation.

As one   who   has held such   deep   and   broad   connections with members of the respective ethnic groups and religions of this country, the Unity Party political leader said he has seen the gigantic advances they would make whenever they evoke and lean on their commonalities, stressing, “Trust   me,   if   we   go   after   the   things   that   unite   us,   we   will   certainly discover that we are more alike than we are unlike.  Let us be mindful that division, strife   and bigotry have never built any nation   even an inch.”

He noted that he is reminded of so many of ALCOP’s sainted forebears, who have departed this earth; who otherwise would certainly have been at the high table at the very minute of the endorsement ceremonies; and made mention of ALCOP Founder Alhaji G.V. Kromah, Alhaji Losene M. Kamara and Sheikh Kafumba Konneh, all respected leaders in the National Muslim Council, Quardu-Gboni Paramount Chiefs Musa (Gboni) Kamara, and Musa (BBC) Kamara, among many others, who according to him, “should be looking down from Heaven and showering blessing on this gathering today.”

He said these these   fine   and   outstanding   compatriots   stood   up   and   toiled   for harmony   and   the   advancement   of   this   nation, noting that they must be shown appreciation by our willing response to the call to national duty.

“These personalities paid the full price to land us at where we are today. Our coming together thus is somewhat a fulfillment of their dreams,” he averred and closed with assurances that he will always strive to do his part from this honored position that ‘you have so trustingly placed me.”

“Apart from politics, we are uncles, aunties, nephews, and nieces. Both political parties have the same people who founded them; and from the same place too. Hence we have a common heritage and a common national cause. Certainly, we can do this,” he concluded.

The Unity Party Alliance led by Ambassador Boakai consists of a faction of Liberty Party of Senator Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence, the National Democratic Alliance of Professor Alaric Tokpah, and Movement of Liberia of McDella Cooper and has already been endorsed by Executive Committees of the All-Liberia Party (ALP) of Theodore Momo, the Liberia First Movement (LFM) of Mr.  Sheikh Kouyate, the Liberia People’s Party (LPP) of Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe and now the All-Liberia  Coalition Party amongst others.

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