We Are a Winning Team -Pres. Weah Says of VP Taylor and Him, as He arrives amidst mammoth welcome in Lofa

Apparently being overwhelmed by the mammoth crowd that greeted his arrival in Salayea, Lofa County, President George Manneh Weah, told the citizens of the County that he and his Vice President, Chief Dr. Jewel bHoward-Taylor are a winning team.

“We are a winning team. I am the striker and VP Taylor is the midfielder. We work perfectly to produce results for the benefit of our people” Mr. Weah said.

In what could be seen as an undercut reference to those who think he does not have what it takes to be a thinking and decisive leader, President Weah said they cannot be taken seriously.

“If you say I am not clever, my Vice President is very smart and clever, my Finance Minister is very smart and clever, so how do you think I will not be smart and clever? I will be forced to be smart and clever”, he said amid thunderous cheers.

President Weah spoke yesterday at a town hall meeting in Salayea District which was attended by Vice President Mrs. Joyce Howard Taylor, a prominent citizen of the town, extended thanks and appreciation to the People of Salayea for the level of support he and VP Taylor got in 2017, during the Presidential election. “When we came to you, you didn’t know us but you decided to give us the votes. So we will not disappoint you. We will do what you want us to do for you. We want to thank you for keeping the peace because without peace there will be no development”, the President said.

The President lamented that it is impossible for a country in the 21st century not to have basic necessities such as toilets, community centers, good housing, roads, schools, clinics, etc , stressing “When we were young, we suffered from these things and so we should not allow this and coming generation suffer the same thing we suffered,” Mr. Weah said.

The Liberian Chief Executive said the Covid 19 pandemic has been a major challenge to most of what his administration intends to do but through resilience and commitment he and the Vice President are setting the pace that is unprecedented. “You gave us a 6 year mandate but in 3 years we have done a lot and the people are happy, you people are praising us and will re-elect us”.

Earlier during the Town meeting the citizens appealed to the President for the construction of youth center, market building, installation of street solar light, construction of feeder roads, etc.

In response, the President his government will focus on putting money in the next budget to take care of projects that will be meaningful for the people. He called on them to work with their county legislative caucus in order to make sure that their projects are captured in the next budget.

On women empowerment, he told the citizens of Lofa that the government has allocated $2 million for rural women do business and also asked them to prevail on their legislator to make sure that this amount is made. He promised to propose to the National Legislature to annually put in the budget 2m dollars for rural women empowerment.

Touching on agriculture, Mr. Weah said the government and its partners have also set aside the amount of $16million for agriculture and urged all serious minded farmers to take advantage of accessing the funds with the view of tapping in the desire of the government to promote and encourage food security in the country.

He spoke of the number of citizens of Lofa County who are in top positions in the country. “I am told that 72 Lofians are in government positions, if that is true, then Lofa needs to change”, the President said and did not elaborate further.

The much awaited county visit to Lofa County got under way yesterday, with President George Manneh Weah and party departing Monrovia for Lofa County.

According to details of the President’s trip released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Chief Executive and party will be away until June 7, 2021.

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