Team Gongloe Making Inroads across Liberia -Says 2M Recruitment on Course

As Liberia gears closer to the 2023 presidential and legislative elections that would determine whether or not the citizenry will opt for the most suitable alternative to counter their governance woes, the team of Presidential aspirant Tiawan Gongloe has been making inroads across the country to mobilize, rally and recruit more than two million Liberians in a bid to showcase Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe as the best alternative in 2023.

Despite the heavy downpour of rains and challenging roads, the gallant Team Gongloe political movement took to the roads to get residents and community members of the Zayzay Community in Paynesville, Montserrado County, where Team Gongoe accordingly petitioned well-meaning Liberians to elect Tiawan for a cogent reason.

According to a press statement providing details of the event, Team Gongloe convinced the inhabitants of Zayzay Community that their candidate possesses incomparable attributes that place him at the head of queues of public servants – past and present. S

“Simply put, Tiawan is a character of integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency. These he has demonstrated over the 33 years of his public service including human, political and democratic rights advocacy as well as in high-profile portfolios of Solicitor-General and Minister of Labor respectively,” the release from Team Gongloe stated.

Team Gongloe also affirmed that during the weekend of August 27 to 28, Chairman Counselor Jimmy Saah Bombo came face-to-face with the problem when he assembled leaders of Grand Bassa County Union of Motorcyclists to tell them about the readiness of Cllr. Gongloe to lead and transform Liberia based on rule of law. According to him, the bike-riders’ leaders pledged the unflinching support of their collective particularly because as President of Liberia, Tiawan Saye Gongloe will ensure the law works for all.

Bombo intimated the union leaders cry for legal help so scores of their membership who are in jails across the County can have redress through the courts or some reprieve. He said they lamented that while the union does not condone indiscipline behaviors, it was disheartening its members languish in jails for minor or major offenses without speedy or trials. Knowing that knowledge is “power” nonetheless, Chair Bombo stated, the union administrators asked some mentoring be given to them so they know their rights and those of others to help prevent them from coming in conflict with the law.

“Vice Chair for Mobilization & Recruitment, Major Samukai and Youth Leader, Abednego Blay heard of the same problem during their rally of Bomi, Gbarpolu and Grand Cape Mount Counties, fortnight ago. Samukai hinted Western Region Motorcyclists Union President, Alexander Devine, committing his membership to ensuring the attainment of the Team’s goal, said they wanted some legal awareness to keep them out of troubles that land them into jails without speedy trials,” the release said.

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