Party of Liberal Conservatives -Rainbow Alliance Releases Dogmatic Framework

It is difficult, particularly in actual practice, to delineate one political party from the other by deeds and outlook politically, though there are nearly two scores of them operating in the country. Hardly do they show and speak about their doctrinal persuasions, what make them different from all others socially, economically, culturally and politically. It has just merely been about opposition and ruling parties and by their names. But one of the newest political groupings on the block, known and styled as Rainbow Alliance, is putting itself on records as being Liberia’s “Liberal Conservative” party by dogmatic orientation. In a nearly 30-page Policy Framework released to the public yesterday, The Alliance unveils in considerable details its political nature, legal precepts, code of conduct and statement of principles and values. The Analyst reports.

The Rainbow Alliance has released its “Framework Document” comprising Constitution and Bylaws, Code of Conduct and Statement of Principles to govern constituent parties conglomerating under the alliance arrangement.

The Alliance is a composite of a number of registered parties including the Grand Old True Whig Party, the Movement for Economic Empowerment, the Victory for Change Party and the Vision for Transformation Party, amongst others.

Accordingly, the framework document commits the parties to 12 key principles: Good governance through the democratic process; liberal, diverse and flexible governance approach; and persuasive, reasoned and inclusive politics.

Also, the Principles commit them to believing that every Liberian with proven ability, skill, qualification, and experience should have an opportunity to serve their nation regardless of political, ethnic, religious, or other affiliations.

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