Bility Threatens To Expel Nyonblee, Others -As NEC validates his position

MONROVIA – The National Chairman of the Liberty Party, Mr. Musa Hassan Bility has vowed to enforce the laws of the party bordering on the penalty for card carry members who default on the obligatory due payment of the party if Senators Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence and Abraham Darius Dillon, who were suspended for not paying their dues fail to settle the same by March 5, 2022.

Mr. Bility made the statement on Monday, February 21, 2022, when he spoke to newsmen at the Temple of Justice when he was asked to give his response to the ruling of the National Elections Commission (NEC) which confirmed him as the authentic leader of the Liberty Party and also accepted the 2021 constitution as the legal document of the party. He said the party has given them a grace period for them to clear their financial disability status with the institution and cannot go beyond that because the party believes in the laws that govern it and will not be compromised to effect expelling the two lawmakers on its platform. He said the grace period was meant for them to have ample time and space to settle their due payment and if there is nothing done by then, the party will have no other alternative but to expel them.

”I am giving them from now on to march to meet up with their obligation and if they fail to do so, they will be expelled from the party. Meeting their obligation is the law and we cannot negotiate the law because the law is the law and they should do what is right in the sight law”, he said.

Mr. Bility, being straightforward with the issue said, ”For peace that you have been asking me about, the only thing in the interest of the party is the law, not individual and they have to go back to the law and make sure that the right thing is done. We are not begging them but just telling them because they have from now to March or else they will be expelled from the party’’.

Commenting on the ruling of NEC which recognized him as the authentic leader of the party said that it was true that the electoral umpire confirmed him and moving forward it is time to put the party into motion to fully function as a political institution. He said it was his leadership that petitioned NEC to look into the leadership crisis where according to him some other persons were imposing themselves as leaders when in actual account they are illegally functioning in those positions.

He said the ruling from NEC also mandates him to take measure against people impersonating in positions they are not legally mandated to occupy

It can be recalled that Mr. Bility had complained to NEC that some individuals were illegally parading themselves as party officials and wanted the electoral umpire to put a halt to it. The request did not meet the pleasure of Senator Lawrence who maintained that she remains the legitimate party authority and that Bility was expelled from the party as well as the 2021 constitution was withdrawn from NEC and replaced by the 2015 constitution

NEC did not entertain the position of Senator Lawrence who had occupied the position of political leader of the party but went the way of Bility’s request by recognizing him and accepting the 2021 constitution as the legal document of the party.

It was not clear what other legal remedy the faction loyal to Senator Lawrence will take as Bility is poised to consolidate on his position as national chairman and decisions he has taken in recent time.

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