Your Career Option Must Be Passion-Driven -CBL Communication Director Urges Students

As veteran Liberian broadcast journalist and Director for Communication at the Central of Bank of Liberia (CBL) Cyrus Wleh Badio urges Liberian students to be passionate with career paths they will choose for their future, while the newly inducted President of the BW Harris Episcopal Student Council Government C. Yardenii Williams says it is incumbent upon the  students as the future leaders to take note of mistakes by present-day leaders so as to avoid making the same mistakes in the future; reports Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.

The veteran Liberian broadcast journalist and Director for Communication at the CBL craves Liberian students to follow their respective career paths with passion instead of following other career options for pecuniary purpose.

Badio said when children choose careers for money-making, their productivity level is usually low at work, calling on parents to provide guidance for their children in their decisions at choosing their future careers.

The CBL Communication Director made the statement on Friday, January 17, in Monrovia when he delivered the keynote message at the inaugural ceremony of the B. W. Harris Episcopal School Students Council Government.

He asserted that students should not be influenced to select the wrong career paths in their decisions for their future jobs, noting that production is always high when the decision to enter a profession is passion-driven and not for pecuniary gains.

Some parents, he maintained, at times choose career their children because they believe it is a money-making profession, but he added that the children will not achieve their full potentials or sometimes they lag behind at efficiency at work because they are not passionate about the jobs they do.

Such a situation, Mr. Badio, observed, diminishes productivity and innovative on the work, and induces poor performances that make them failures at the end of the day.

He therefore called on students to be studious in the pursuit of their respective career goals as they can only be successful in whatever profession they desire through high studies and commitment.

In his inaugural address, the President of the Student Council Government of the B. W. Harris Episcopal High School, C. Yardenii Williams has vowed to strengthen the teacher – student relationship in the school, and ensure that his fellow students are respecters of rules and regulations governing the institution.

The BW Harris student leader said for students to be leaders of a brighter future, it is incumbent upon them to watch the missteps or mistakes of current national leaders and take note of their mistakes so as to be guided by them in making future corrections for a vibrant nation.

Student Williams further indicated that such strategy, when employed by the young people who are aspired to a vibrant national leadership, will bring a positive generational change to which he believes every student must subscribe to maintain and improve on the legacy that present day leaders will build.

According to him, for students to be successful in their academic journey, they must be able to exemplified high level of discipline in their daily lives, something he said his leadership will continue to show and preach in running the daily affairs of the students.

Williams also called on members and executives of the Students Intellectual Movement (SIM), to join his leadership for the forward marched of the institution.

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