“You Misruled and Praying to Remain? -JNB Scolds Pres. Weah

MONROVIA: Amid cheers from hundreds of supporters who had come from near and far to listen to his message when he toured Margibi County’s capital city Kakata yesterday Thursday, the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai, has lampooned President George Manneh Weah’s stewardship of the country since he took office in 2018. Using the analogy of someone offering prayers for divine intervention when they have miserably failed to work towards achieving their expressed goals, Ambassador Boakai said it is foolhardy for President Weah to seek the face of God and beg to be retained in power after he has failed terribly at the first try that the Liberian people gave him to make their lives better.

“You know, prayers are good, but if you take an exam and they ask you about the capital city of Margibi and you write Buchanan; then you go home and say: ‘ay God, please make Buchanan the capital of Margibi’, God doesn’t do those kinds of things.

“When they give you six years to transform the lives of people, and you leave them hopeless, then you say, God, give me another six, He can’t do it. Because it will be like God says he loves you more than the rest of the people. What other honor can the people give you than to say, lead us?

“Your job is to take all of them and help them become good citizens. But all you do is sit down to bring them kush; but you say my children are in different countries playing football, enjoying themselves. We are not going to elect such people,” Mr. Boakai blasted.

The Unity Party Standard Bearer, while lamenting the deplorable state of Africa’s oldest republic, discounted whatever achievements the government might have been flaunting as their credentials to seek re-election; arguing that there was nothing tangle to show for the almost six years of Weah’s reckless leadership because “they failed our people, left their lives miserable and made things difficult for the people”.

“You say you are a bad road medicine, but you cannot go to your home by car; you say you are world best, world this, world that, but where are the stadiums you built? In sports we cannot win. If you cannot excel in the area that brought you to fame, then what can you excel in?”

Mr. Boakai further said that to outperform the Weah administration, he will build new stadiums in every county and encourage budgetary appropriation to develop and promote talents of Liberian youths in any chosen area of their choice, so as to make them useful and productive citizens of the country.

The Number 1 partisan of the former ruling party said although he has not assumed office, the Rescue Mission has been engaged in some underground works, and he will definitely hit the ground running to make the country a light in darkness, and restore hope in the young people, majority of whom according to him “are sitting down and doing nothing”.

Praising the people of Margibi County for the massive show of support evidenced by the huge turnout of the citizens, Ambassador Boakai noted that the decision to tour three major counties in the country was made in just a few days.

“The decision was made just a few days ago, but to see our people turn out like this is amazing. I am not better than you. God is just elevating me to be able to help you.

“We are going to make sure that we make Liberians survive, we will give them hope so that agriculture will prosper; that education will prosper; that our peoples’ lives will improve. Every human wants their lives to be improved. It’s not the dollars that people will share to you, or give you rice. What we need to do is to empower you; give you a chance to learn; build you good clinics. And the road is ready, just waiting for a good leader,” Boakai vowed.

The former Agriculture Minister boasted of his credentials in the agriculture sector and promised to prioritize making the nation food self-sufficient. He also promised to rebuild the CH Rennie Hospital in Kakata that was burnt some time ago.

He said that he will revamp the education sector and deliver top quality education to the country, averring that he will turn the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) to a center worthy of excellence.

Boakai further criticized President Weah for being insensitive to the plight of the Liberian people for what they have been going through under his watch. He said President has assumed a flamboyant lifestyle, fly around the world in chartered jets, while the rest of the citizens suffer.

“From the time this man took office, he always rides chartered flights. Do you know what a chartered flight is? We never rode one during our time.

“For the people who are working, their salaries remain lesser and lesser and so when you go to Israel and you think with all the people who are suffering God will say okay, I gave you another six years?’

Ambassador Boakai promised never to betray the hope of the people when he is elected on October 10, 2023, stating “for me it is an honor for many people to welcome me here, I am not going to steal from the people”.

Boakai said the RESCUE MISSION is a time-tested adventure to redeem Liberians from the grip of misrule that the CDC-led government has plunged the country into, and called on Liberians to embrace the UP ticket as the only hope of the people.

Earlier, his running mate Senator Jeremiah Kpan Koung in a short remark said the advent of Boakai on the scene to save the nation from going down the drain was never a fluke but an honorable call to national duty to lead the process of democratically unseating President Weah and the CDC government.

He likened Boakai to the Biblical story of Joseph, whose advice to Pharaoh to save excess during harvest period averted major famine that would have befallen the Egyptians.

“It is not a mistake that God is using our own Joseph to save this country; and I am like the prophet Jeremiah telling the Liberian people ahead of time”, he said.

The UP Standard Bearer is leading an array of stalwarts on a three day outreach journey that see the Rescue Mission traversing parts of Margibi, Bong and then Nimba County where Senator Koung will formally be presented to the people of Nimba county as running mate to Boakai in the October 10, 2023 general election.

  1. Garsuah Gborvlehn says

    Look, Boakai, you better behave. That a very old and fatally sick old man like you would think you will ever be president for Liberia, is a mere political masturbation.

  2. Garsuah Gborvlehn says

    SHUT UP Boakai!!! You are not a real presidential material. Hence, besides your one leg being in your grave, and the other almost in your grave, you have long lost the election with your politically very stupid and very dangerous Boakai Prince Johnson Koung ticket .

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