Year-end Message from Her Excellency Mrs. Clar Marie Weah First Lady of the Republic of Liberia

December 22, 2020

Fellow Liberians home and abroad, I bring you words of good tidings and warm felicitations from the depth of my heart as we wrap up a truly challenging year, It is without doubt that 2020 was challenging and I want us to take time off, from an elaborate celebration to reflect on all we have.

First of all, we must give thanks to God Almighty for sparing our lives and blessing our country; and we must also deeply appreciate the government, under the administration of our President Dr. George Manneh Weah for his leadership and numerous development initiatives as he stirs the nation to prosperity during these challenging times.

Fellow citizens, each of you, regardless of political, religious or socio-economic backgrounds, deserves a depth of gratitude for your respective roles- individually and collectively- in sustaining the peace and stability we enjoy; supporting national development efforts and above all upholding our democracy. From the bottom of my heart, as your First Lady, I say thank you for your resilience, patience and interceding prayers to God Almighty for our dear country Liberia!

However, all has not been rosy for the Weah’s Administration, especially in 2020. Right now, the past is behind us. Therefore, as we enter in 2021 under the Weah’s administration, let us recalibrate our egos with renewed vigor and enthusiasm; self-discipline and tolerance, and forge new development goals to lift our country to higher heights and revive the economy.

As we recall little did we know that a novel virus, covid19, would transcend beyond all global borders and bring our country along with the rest of the world down on its knees. The global pandemic, first recorded in Liberia on March 16, hit hard and set us off track; – crippling the economy, affecting every sector of the society and claiming hundreds of lives. Our deepest condolences to all who lost loved ones (globally and domestically) to the virus. May their souls rest in peace!

In spite of the holocaust caused by the recent global pandemic and other traumatic socio-economic challenges, we embraced and maintained our destiny with comforting words of our national anthem: ‘we have overall prevailed!’

Fellow citizens, as we transition to the New Year 2021, I admonish us all to uphold our unity in diversity; maintain law and order, work harder together and support our government in the interest of moving Liberia forward.

Keeping in mind that Liberia is all we have; and that the development and prosperity of this country rests on us as Liberians, let us all project a positive image of our country and make it more attractive, precious and pristine to the rest of the world.

I urge everyone to remain peaceful and hopeful that with hard work and unity the new Liberia we all yearn for is certain!

Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year!

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