WLUE BOWS TO MORLU’S DIRECTIVE -Revokes Dillon’s brother appointment

The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) might have made good its intention to weed out all non-CDCians in key employ of the government as well as stopping those not in the party’s fold from holding some level of jobs in the public when in apparent submission to the directive him, Minister Samuel Wlue swiftly revoked the appointment of Oliver Dillon, a younger brother Senator Abraham Darius Dillon.

Last week, Chairman of CDC Mr. Mulbah Morlu issued a directive to Minister Wlue to immediately withdraw the letter of appointment of Mr. Dillon as Director of Port and Border Entry at the Ministry and replace him with a competent CDCian . His directive came against the background of complaints by partisans of the ruling CDC who said they were not benefitting from the government they fought so hard to bring to power while opposition partisans are into key positions of the government.

Apparently under severe pressure to do the bidding of the ruling establishment through its Chairman, Mr. Wlue withdrew the letter annulling the appointment of Mr. Dillon with immediate effect.

“Pursuant (to) your reassignment as Director of Port and Border Entry, Ministry of Transport, dated March 11, 2021 with reference SAW/M1/MOT/RL/22/21, I herewith withdraw your appointment to the position with immediate effect,

In view of the above, kindly be informed that this communication supersedes previous communication”, the letter which was signed by Minister Wlue said.

The withdrawal of the appointment did not state whether Mr. Dillon was reassigned or relieved from the employ of the Ministry of Transport.

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