Who’s Behind the Sale of ArcelorMittal Liberia’s Railway Track as Scraps?

Global steel giant ArcelorMittal, which remains Liberia’s single largest post war foreign direct investment, continues to experience acts of sabotage on its facilities, especially on the Nimba rail tracks. Recently it was reported that some unknown individuals damaged joint bars on one of its rail tracks with an intent to cause a derailment of the trains. To compound the ugly situation, reports have reached this paper about individuals currently engaged in the scrapping and selling of the company’s rail track around the Town of Gbapa, leading to Mount.

As concerns mount over those that are behind the scrapping and selling of AML rail tracks, several individuals who were seen dismantling, torching and cutting the tracks into scraps told journalists that they had authorization from Nimba County officials to carry on the act.

An ArcelorMittal source has confirmed that the company sent a letter to Nimba County Superintendent Nelson Korquoi, drawing his attention and requesting his urgent intervention to curtail the illegal cutting and dismantling of the rail track leading from Gbapa, Nimba County to the old LAMCO mines. The company intimated that this is the second time that such criminal action has been reported to the Superintendent’s office and called for the prosecution of those responsible for those involved in such an unpatriotic act.

Attempts to reach the superintendent’s office for comment proved futile as several calls were not answered.

For a country determined to attract and gain investors’ confidence, such actions have the potential to stain the country’s image and scare away businesses looking to invest in Liberia.

Our investigation continues.

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