Who Brought Arms in The Country? -As Accused Kingpin Denies Involvement

MONROVIA – In the wake of the reported seizure of a cache of arms by the joint security led by the Liberia National Police (LNP), there have been some mounting concerns regarding the true identities of the persons behind the alarming threat to national security and what could be their motive. But the alleged kingpin who is said to be the mastermind, Boye Benjamin Baker, a Liberian based in the United States of America, has stoutly denied the allegations, asserting that he has not even been to Liberia for the last seven years.

Addressing the media Thursday at the National Headquarters of the LNP shortly after it had conducted its preliminary investigations, the joint security led by the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Patrick Sudue, said based on the intelligence gathered from its sources, its forces stormed the Freeport of Monrovia on Wednesday; and after thorough search of a particular container, it was discovered from the first few boxes that a number of assorted arms were stored. The container was later sealed and seized for further investigation to properly ascertain the masterminds and the motive behind the serious security breach.

“We want to also inform you about the breakthrough as it relates to the confiscation of some cache of arms. These arms were confiscated at the Freeport of Monrovia.

“We gathered intelligence from various sources and our intelligence led us to the Freeport. The intelligence was so huge and the security apparatus, all of whom were so agile and were on top of their game. 

“The joint security which included the LINSA, NSA, LNP, Custom, the Immigration, among others had the intelligence on a container and when we went there, the first boxes we opened contained weapons of various types and sizes,” IG Sudue disclosed.

He told the gathering of journalists that some arrests have been made, including a lady on the Old Road said to be the consignee of the container, Madam Barbara Debbah, and one Tamba, whom IG Sude said was arrested in the ceiling of a house said to be owned by Mr. Baker, while another lady simply called Melvina, was also undergoing investigation for their alleged roles.

Amidst the allegation from the police and its partners in the joint security, the man in the center of the hair-rising discovery, Mr Boye Benjamin Baker, has come out to vehemently deny his alleged link to the seizure, stressing that not only was be distancing himself from the story but in fact he has not been in Liberia for the past 7 years.

Baker, who spoke with Spoon TV talk show Wednesday night, said he got the news that he was linked to the discovery from family members, friends and relatives in Liberia who immediately got in contact with him.

To further debunk the story, Baker said he does not even own a property in Brewerville, therefore there was no way he could have been part and parcel of any sinister plan to destabilize the country. Mr. Baker further told the Spoon FM that upon hearing of the information linking to the arms that were discovered at the Freeport of Monrovia, he immediately reported himself to the American Police and stated his innocence.

The categorical denial coming from Mr. Baker and the mysterious way the arms made their way into the Freeport of Monrovia have opened a series of suspicions across the political divide in the country, especially in a period the nation is expected to go to the polls later on this year.

Some supporters of the government through social media, especially Facebook have been launching series of allegations and outright confrontation against the opposition for being behind the unfortunate act, asserting that the opposition was bent on inciting citizens against the government as well as causing insurrection in the country “because they believe that is the only option open to them to take state power”.

“They have been desperate for power for some time now and they have been scheming to take power at all cost using all kinds of undemocratic means now that 2023 is here; and they do not see their chances facing President George Manneh Weah in the presidential race”, a strong government supporter said.

Also some supporters of the opposition too has not been silent as the situation unfolds, took to the social media terming the allegation as a “rehearsal” of things that the government intends to mastermind against the opposition “in order to force the opposition to submit to the acts of intimidation and violence from the ruling government.

“We are aware that going to the election where they are sure of losing in the process, the only means by which they can rig out the opposition is to come up with these flimsy and devilish schemes and once they are done, they can unleash the unknown on the opposition.

“But we can tell them for free that they are taking their jokes too far because we are undeterred”, Mr. Morris Zamkpa Sr, a member of one of the thriving political parties in the country said.

As the security forces have swung into full action to unravel the discovery, while assuring the general public that the country is safe, speculations will be rife from both side of the divide while at the same time, people will be wary of the alleged perpetrators and their motive during this crucial period of the nation’s political history.

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