‘WHERE IS THE HALF MAN HALF HIPPO?’ – Isaac Vah Tukpah’s Rejoinder to Edwin Melvin Snowe

Where is that wife beating, young girl paying to parade nude before his friends, prostitutes soliciting, underage influencing, pimping, and young boys hustling Edwin Melvin Snowe?

I just cannot believe that this idiot had the audacity to call me a Zogo because he felt forced to be a sycophant for George Weah. The level of sycophancy or cronyism in Liberia is sickening. Even people who have no need to be sycophants feel a need to be. So this Chief Zogo had the temerity to say that state security should come after me?

This Zogo drug courier is right. State security needs to be checking his baggage when he is entering the country rather than give him a diplomatic pass when he brings those heavy bags from Nigeria. They will be surprised at what they uncover. Obviously the Zogos who are selling drugs are working downstream for him so he does not want state security after them. It is understandable why the criminal Zogos are freed so easily after arrest.

Edwin Melvin Snowe is one on the worst human attestation of the dregs of the swamp that is Liberia. This vermin belongs nowhere in the halls of power but unfortunately, most of our people suffer from the STOCKHOLM SYNDROME and have no cognitive ability to recognize the abuse their tormentors heap on them but keep electing these same wretched and wicked idiots. Hopefully, one day, they can wake up. I pray sooner rather than later.

A man who was a driver for Cyril Allen, a compromised degree holder with less than a high school certificate. He was a student at St. Augustine in Kakata but never graduated. He created fake high school documents from St. Augustine (real forgery) to get his FIFA scholarship to study Sports Administration in the US. A bag holder for presidents, from Taylor to Gyude Bryant to Ellen (unfortunately Robert Sirleaf left him under the palaver hut), and now to Weah.  Chief Zogo of Sycophancy. He even bet Samuel Tweah that Weah will never be president but here he is today, a sitting corrupt lawmaker working as Weah’s bagboy and calling Nathaniel McGill CHIEF. The family of Pa James is still wondering what role you played in his death.

As a former Speaker and a forever lawmaker, he has nothing to show as legacy legislation, except that he helped sell the country and basically led the process to mortgage our country’s natural resources by advocating to pass at least 66 illegal and exploitative concessions. Today, after he failed as a representative in District6, Montserrado County, he is a Senator for Bomi because he trucked voters from Montserrado and misled the vulnerable people of Bomi that he was a Muslim and would submit and push Islam-centric bills so they voted for him. He submitted a fake Muslim holiday bill and never attended the Senate’s discussion on the religious holiday bill he proposed. He never followed up and the bill is collecting dust today. PATHETIC!! Keep using the electorates! The folks in Bomi want their seat back so beware for the next Senatorial elections.

This is a man who has been married and divorced THREE TIMES, regularly flogged his wives and girlfriends, totally disrespecting women.  This is a renowned pimp who loves to or gets married to those very close to power.  Just inform the ECOWAS madam that the alimony fees she is paying for you is temporary. This is a man who paraded an innocent young woman naked by his swimming pool to entertain his friends. What a sloth and degenerate! He messes with all these young underage girls. This is a man who fought the decent work bill for Liberians to get minimal salary to have dignity in labor because he wanted to maintain slaves on his plantation and pay them US$25 to $50 a month. This is a Lawmaker who admits to passing the worst bill ever in the APM Terminal concession because he was bribed.  Only in Liberia will a criminal, floater, and fraud like Snowe be perennially voted in as a lawmaker. What a sad country we have!  This is the cretin that had the mind to call me a Zogo.  The CHIEF ZOGO of all time. This disgusting HALF MAN/HALF HIPPO.

This is only the beginning.  If I hear from you, I will write a story for you every week.  A short series called HALF MAN/HALF HIPPO will be dedicated to all your escapades starting from your 11th grade dropout days. As degenerate as you are, for you to be thinking about being Vice President of Liberia is extremely repulsive to me and hundreds of thousands of Liberians. Please do not get me started.

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