WHERE IS ISAAC VAH TOKPA? -Sources say Co-author of Sleazy Book Arrested Fleeing Liberia; Govt Confirms Tukpah at Bo Waterside

MONROVIA – In the wake of his resignation Tuesday based on the request his boss, ANC political leader Alexander B. Cummings, one of the coauthors of the sleazy tell-all book that muddied the names of First Lady Clar Weah and that of President George Weah’s late mother, Cummings’ former COS Isaac Vah Tokpa was reportedly arrested while trying to flee the country through the Liberia-Sierra Leone border Tuesday night.

According to our highly placed source, Mr. Tupka decided to flee because he had reportedly received several threats on his life, and was tipped off at the highest levels that his life was in danger, therefore, he should exhaust every means possible to leave the country.

“He proceeded to leave the country last night, but was arrested by Liberian Immigration at the Sierra Leonean border. They all had his photo in their phones and said that he was wanted by the Liberian government, even though he hasn’t been charged with any crime and no warrant for his arrest has been issued,” the source continued, further disclosing that Ivah Tukpkah has been placed under security protection at the residence of government higher up on the Roberts International Highway.

The information on Tukpah was further corroborated by Mr. Cummings’ former Chief of Office Staff, Attorney Moriah Yeakula, who is presently in the United States of America pursuing postgraduate studies in law.

“Why was IVah arrested trying to leave the country? What kind of nonsense is this? Like the book was condemned, I hope we can all condemn this jungle justice,” Atty. Yeakula posted on social media early Wednesday morning.

The latest revelation of Tukpah’s arrest while attempting to flee Liberia under the cover of darkness has sent Liberians in a tailspin, with many questioning the wisdom of the Weah government arresting Mr. Tukpah even though he committed no crime; while others are wondering why did the former Cummings’ Chief of Office Staff try to escape the country, if did nothing wrong.

“Arresting Vah Isaac Tukpah is pure bullshittery. Benedictus Seyon, Sekou Kalasco Damaro and the rest shouldn’t use this book incident to settle whatever political scores they have with Ivah. If you have an issue with him, file a lawsuit; simple!” remarked Stephen Johnson, a Liberian resident in the USA.

But Henry B. Carter is wondering why Vah Tukpah attempted to escape if he did nothing wrong. “In fact, why was he escaping, if he knew he committed no crime,” wondered Mr. Carter.

Pundits are also of the belief that Mr. Tupkah’s should be arrested to allow the public know the real story behind the publication, because, in the event he is taken to court, he will be subpoenaed to produce evidence to verify the contents of the sleazy publication.

In a bid to verify the information on Tukpah’s arrest, The Analyst contacted a top brass in the Weah government who on condition of anonymity acknowledged that indeed Mr. Tukpah is currently at the Liberia-Sierra Leonean Bo Water border, close to Tienii in Grand Cape Mount County.

“The true story is that Mr. Tukpah tried to cross the border after 11:00pm last night; and as you may know, our borders have regulations for entry, exit, opening and closure. Mr. Tukpah was questioned as to the reason why he was attempting to cross the border beyond the normal closing hours, and he couldn’t give any cogent reason. Our Immigration officers at Bo Waterside then advised him to sleep at the checkpoint until morning. Mr. Tukpah is still at the Bo Waterside border. You can confirm the information with the Liberia Immigration Service boss, Robert Wleh Budy,” the Weah government official informed this paper.

When contacted, the LIS boss confirmed that Ivah Tukpah is currently at the Bo Waterside Immigration outpost, and that he was never arrested. Commissioner Budy disclosed he was informed by his Commander at the boarder that while they were on a joint patrol last night, the joint security saw Mr. Tukpah at the Bo Waterside at about 11:45pm. Because the border was closed at that time of the night, joint security asked Mr. Tukpah to remain with the security for his safety until morning to continue his journey.

It can be recalled that political commentator and talk show host Henry Pedro Costa on Tuesday disclosed excerpts from Tukpah’s co-authored book, “GEORGE WEAH: The Dream, The Legend, The Rise To Power”, whose publication muddied the name and image of Liberia’s First Lady Clar Weah in a fashion that is widely being described by every facet of the Liberian society as “despicable”, “nasty” “lewd” and unrepresentative of any serious politician.

The disclosure by Mr. Costa elicited a wave of negative public reaction regarding the uncouth, sleazy language used in the tell-all book to denigrate First Lady Clar Weah and President Weah’s late mother. Alternative National Congress (ANC) Political Leader Alexander B. Cummings was therefore compelled to ask his Chief of Office Staff to immediately resign.

This is a developing story. Updates will be provided subsequently.

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