“When You Sleep with Dogs You Get Fleas” – Taa Wongbe Expresses Regrets for ANC-CPP Marriage of Convenience

MONROVIA – It appears as if one of the constituent parties of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) might sooner or later pack off on a solo drive into the political horizon as 2023 slowly but surely creeps on, given the current vitriol from a former ally and strong advisor of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings. Taa Wongbe seems genuinely frustrated that his former boss would allow himself to be aligned and later denigrated by the very “known legal criminals” that he jumped in bed with.

Venting his frustration in a seemingly characteristic social media rant, Mr. Taa Wongbe said he voted for Alexander B. Cummings on October 10, 2017 and wrote at the time: “My name is Taa Z.K Wongbe. I am 38 and from Nimba County, Liberia! I am a first time voter and I voted not for me…but for the future of our country…for a better Liberia!”

“I voted against a corrupt regime and one that I knew would not deliver for our people. I voted for new, instead of more of the same. Four years later, the new has mixed and entangled himself with the corrupt regime and known “legal criminals” and now they are attempting to denigrate the brand we so carefully architected and crafted,” Taa Wongbe lamented.

Quoting a peculiar Latin phrase: “qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent” which means: “He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas”, Wongbe said Cummings cannot blame anyone for what is happening to him.

“They are branding you as one of them – more of the same, a fingerer, someone who can’t be trusted and our society is gullible enough to potentially believe that if you are not careful.

“This is a game of strategy, wisdom, relationships and maturity. You have two years to go. We took exactly two years to popularize you and get you over 100,000 votes…something most politicians (old and new) have never accomplished on their own (with no collaboration) on their first attempt for the presidency.

“You have two years to implement strategies, apply wisdom, build relationships and get more politically mature. We will watch and see how things unfold, and our decision will always be for a better Liberia,” Taa ended his soliloquy.

Observers believe that the former ANC frontman and Cummings shot-stopper is gearing up for a mercurial return within the ANC fold that could portend a swift withdrawal of the CPP constituent member from their current marriage of convenience.

“Taa is right. Those people don’t mean anything good for Liberia. Cummings was chairman and fought in the trenches to ensure that Darius Dillon regained his seat in Montserrado. He was there for Telia Urey when her own father Benoni abandoned her during the CDC raid against her in Logan Town. These people are just ungrateful,” says Larmin Massaquio of Bushrod Island.

“Cummings is better off without the CPP. Let them run and see how George Weah will flog them in 2023,” says Mustapha Dorleh of Johnson Street.

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