What Really Happened to Moses Swaray? -Manager/Live-In Partner, Family at Loggerhead

MONROVIA – The passing of renowned Liberian gospel artist Moses Swaray on July 20, 2022 in the United States left the country numb, as the entire nation mourned his untimely demise. But in the wake of Moses Swaray’s death, speculations are growing rife that the death of Liberia’s gospel ambassador might have been due to foul play, with accusing fingers pointing at his manager, Theodosia Page.

The circumstances surrounding Pastor Swaray’s death still remain sketchy. Mid-July, when the Internet got flooded with photos of the gospel artist lying comatose with tubes extending through his nostrils, it was reported that he had been involved in a motor accident. But contrary to the earlier report of Mr. Swaray being involved in a vehicular accident, his manager/live-in partner Theodosia Page confirmed that the deceased died in a swimming pool.

But Swaray’s immediate family members in Liberia are having a hard time swallowing the drowning story, and want Moses’ mother and two siblings to travel to the States, not only to attend the funeral, but to ascertain what really happened to their “hero”.

According to Moses’ younger sister, Tina who recently spilled her guts to the media, before his untimely, Swaray had called her from the United States and informed her that his live-in partner and manager Theodosia had been physically abusing him, but that he was going to call the police and record her.

“When he did it, he called back to tell me what happened. He said after she jumped on him and hit him, the police came in and arrested her, jailed her at her own office for a couple of days, and they insisted that they go to court. At that point, I started to talk to Moses to dissuade him from going to court. But he said, this is not Liberia, this is America. When the police say this, they mean it. But Moses agreed to work on some things so she couldn’t lose her job,” Tina informed the press.

Tina said the family in Liberia is really taken aback by Theodosia’s rude attitude of raining insults on them when they are grieving over the loss of their “hero”.

“We have kept quiet for our brother to be laid to rest, she shouldn’t be bringing up things, because we are already hurt. She has her brother Theo Page here, a deportee from the States that is threatening us daily. We even had to block his number because he is always threatening us. He called Winston and said they heard some news that we said his sister killed Moses. He even threatened to come into our compound with one of his police relatives and we will see what he will do to us. His sister is Theodosia Favor Page and he is Theo Page.

“Few nights ago, I was inside when I received a phone call from an unknown person who said my brother Winston stated that the family did not know anyone who had appeared on the Costa show. So, I said yes, we did not know anyone on that show as family members of the Domah and Swaray families. So, he texted me threatening that he will bring big problems between the Page and our family,” Tina narrated.

According to Tina, the family did not even have any knowledge about Theodosia going on the Costa Show to raise money for Swaray’s funeral.

“To also clarify something on my mind about the recent Costa Show raising Go Fund me, the family doesn’t know about it. There were no family members invited on that show. There was no family member there, only a girl that we never even heard of before. We tried calling on the show and my brother was cut off. We were not calling to make confusion. We are from Muslim background. We believe in burying someone peacefully, that’s why we never talked about Moses’ manager hitting on him, and that she’s been in jail, and close to the time for them to go to court, he was found dead. We did not talk about those things because we believe in peaceful burial. We were only calling on the show to let Costa know that we never had family on that show. The Domah family has a large group in the States and they never knew anything about the show. The Swaray family has a large group in the States and they don’t have any information.

“The girl that was testifying, we have never seen her. We don’t even know her first name, nor her last name. To clarify things with that woman claiming to be my sister, she and my mother grew up from childhood. That’s my mother’s friend. She’s not a Dorma, she’s not Swaray. We were surprised. I want to clarify that side because I read the comments under that show and people were saying, the Domah and Swaray families are not united. We don’t want people to get us wrong. The Dormah and Swaray families don’t know anything about how Moses died.

“The first day we received a call that Moses was found in a hot tub was from that Judie woman and from the manager/CEO. So, with my mom and all of us being frustrated, we had no option but to keep asking them about how Moses died. We didn’t get any good information. No cause of death, no autopsy. We sent someone there, my brother-in-law there, my oldest sister Kula Thompson William’s husband, to file in for the autopsy. She came from Delaware. My mom’s childhood friend Judie never accepted our request for the autopsy. We are not pleased at all. We can’t be grieving about our fallen hero, and we are grieving about people that are not giving us any information. So, what we really want is for us to go there. We need an autopsy. We want to see him being buried, because we are not even informed about the funeral home.

“Even before that show, the day before the show, I firstly called Moses’ children ma, his ex-wife. I asked her if she was the one to call on the Costa Show as family, and she said she didn’t know anything about it. Then I called the Judie lady to inquire as to who was going to call on the show as a family, and she replied that she didn’t know anything about it.

“I heard that the manager went there first and stated that she’s Moses’ wife and she’s coming along with Moses’ family. And people started to give me some insulting words, that was how they cancelled the wife and allowed the family to appear on the show,” Judie accordingly stated to Tina.

Tina also disclosed that Judie later informed her that she knows nothing about the talk show and did not even know how to present herself on a talk show. But she asked Tina to allow her to call the manager and get back to them.

“When she called the manager, she got back and said she had just called the manager who asked her Judie to go and clarify things on the talk show. At that point, the family said no. We told her that when it comes to Go Fund Me, we will get to them later as a family.

“Before then, Moses’ other manager, Mr. Chris Wolo was here, and he paid us a visit. We wanted him to know that we know nothing about the arrangements and couldn’t allow our hero to be buried like a sheep.

So, we called Mr. Wolo and he came here, we explained everything to him. We made Mr. Wolo called Theodosia to tell her to stop any talk show because the family knows nothing about it. And she promised Mr. Wolo that she wasn’t going to get on any show. So, she was told to tell Mr. Costa to cancel the show because the family did not know anything about it.

“She still appeared on the show. But what pissed me off is that, she did not only appear on the show, she even said people lied that she and Moses went to the police station and he had an arrest on her,” Tina frustratingly stated.

Theodosia’s version

The lady in the middle of the current controversy surrounding Moses Swaray’s untimely demise, however, says her conscience is clear and is asking God to let Justice prevail.

    “Moses was a friend and a business partner. Yes, we were in a relationship. I was not dating Moses when he was married. Moses and I were partners; we lived together for five years. Yes, we have had many arguments when we were together, and of course, I contacted two people regarding this. One of them is a gospel artist, it’s nothing that was private. I told her what had been going on, and she said she would have called him to talk because she was traveling, but unfortunately, we didn’t get to talk until he passed,” Theodosia admitted recently on the social media platform.

Quizzed as to whether she and Moses ever got into a domestic violence situation where she had to be arrested and her mugshot taken, Theodosia admitted that she was booked and released prior to Mr. Swaray’s death.

“First of all, I work in Ramsey County Jail. I am the assistant director for pretrial. So, when that situation happened, there was also an accusation that was made by Moses. Of course, I cannot be jailed while at work. That mug shot was for book and release. When they book you, they release you, and the reason why we couldn’t do anything further is because I work at the county jail, and with my role they couldn’t do anything but to wait for a court date. So, it was book and release,” Theodosia stated, admitting that it was Moses Swaray who called the police on her.

Regarding the circumstances surrounding Mr. Swaray’s death, Theodosia said she got a call around 5 to 6 from the apartment manager that they had found Moses unresponsive in the pool.

“Immediately I took the car and ran there. When I got there the police were there and I couldn’t go there because they wouldn’t allow me. But I was out, watching and praying. It was severe. Myself was panicking, shaking. Later we heard that a pulse came, so it means we could go to the hospital. They took him to the hospital. Of course, when we got there, his situation was so severe. Though I don’t like that Patience Menjay girl, she’s a freaking liar, I had my cousin call her and updated her about Moses’ condition. We talked twice and I shut her down because I got to know Patience was updating people about Moses’ progress in the hospital. She was talking with Bernice Blackie who Moses did not even speak to up to his death.

“So, I blocked Patience on social media. I, Theodosia, told the people to put Moses on black list so that Patience could not give people information. We were trying to be private with what was going on with this guy because I know he was private. Some church people are carrying my name. When this thing is over I will chakla them.

“Fast forward, Moses’ condition got worse. When we got there Wednesday morning, they told us that on Tuesday night, something wasn’t right; there was no activity in his brain, and they felt like he was brain dead. So, they did all the tests – the neurologist, the medical doctor, and the radiologist all their tests. And it came back that Moses was brain dead. Wednesday, they declared him dead by Minnesota law.

“Theodosia wasn’t married to Moses so she cannot pull the plug. How can people living in this great America believe so; what power or authority do I have to pull the plug? Nobody pulled that plug but the doctors when they said they cannot continue to give him medication. They pulled the plug around 12. Even when they pulled the plug his heart was going on and stopped around 12:20.

“Earlier, the detectives said they found Moses 8 feet in the pool and said Moses was in the pool for 14 minutes. Moses recorded his own death, according to the detectives. The camera at the pool was not working. The family in Liberia and in America had a group we were discussing. There was no restraining order between Moses and I.

“We sent the paperwork to the family. They were properly informed. Up to now there is no official arrangement for the funeral. The death certificate will be given to Aunt Judie,” Theodosia said.

Regarding the family’s qualm with her appearance on the Costa Show without their input, Theodosia said the family is only trying to use that as an excuse to raise and come to America, so they shouldn’t lie.

“When you want money to come to America, don’t lie to people. They shouldn’t have done that.

“The family was well informed when I went to Costa Show to raise the money,” Theodosia fumed, arguing that even Swaray’s ex-wife in America did not seek the approval of anyone before starting Go-Fund-Me to support her children,” Theodosia said.

In the wake of the confusion surrounding the gospel legend’s death, Liberians are calling out for an autopsy and for the family to be allowed to travel to the States to participate in the process and the funeral.

“A fund must be raised to transport the Mother of the late Moses Swaray to the United States to gather the actual cause of the death of the fallen hero. Theodosia is hiding something; she doesn’t want the family and public to know the actual cause of the death of the fallen hero. We want to call on all sectors of the entertainment industry of Liberia to act now. We want to know if he died a natural death. We want to know if he died in a bathtub. We want to know if he died in an accident. We want to know if he died as the result of being stabbed in the head. How he died, the family and the fans of Moses Swaray deserve to know.

“It is none of the business of Theodosia as to whether Moses’ mother wants to use her son’s death to travel to the United States. That’s her son, she held him for nine months in her belly, and she deserves every detail of her son. We want to call on the original family of Moses to have a press conference to give us full details and announced mobile money and sendwave number to raise the money to transport Mother Dumor along with two of Moses’ Siblings to the United States to gather the real facts about the death of Moses Swaray,” a group of local gospel musicians posted on social media.

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