“What I Say, I Will Do” – Pres. Weah Assures Liberians; Dedicates Doe Community Road

By: John Dennis Weah, Jr.

Dedicating the 2.7km road linking Samuel the Kanyon Doe Community to Clara Town on Christmas Eve, President George Gbekugbeh Forkay Jleley Tarpeh Manneh Weah says the will ensure that he live up to his promise to the people, saying “What I say I will do, I will do…”

The President made the statement when he responded to the residents of the Samuel K. Doe Community who commended his administration for the pavement of the Doe Community Road.

President Dr. Weah reiterated, “I said it before, anything that I do will not be based on the eloquence of my speech,” and added that he is a practical person and do not believed in theory.

Instead, he indicated that the government is determined to work in practical way. “We were all in the dungeon of slavery and so we are here for you” as he assured the people that the government remains determined to develop the Barley Island, Coastal Highway and overhead bridges before the end of my six years,” President Weah said. He then told the ordinary people that they will never regret for electing him as their president and declared the road officially opened.

He was responding to welcome remarks made by the Chairman of Doe Community, Elder Sylvester Chea, who congratulated the president for the pavement of the Doe Community Road linking Clara Town to the Somalia Drive.

Elder Chea, welcoming the president and his entourage, said President Weah has redeemed the residents of the area from the deplorable condition of the past and has changed the unfortunate situation that they had lived with since the establishment of the community.

Addressing the occasion earlier, Public Works Minister Mobotu Vlah Nyenpan said improving the living standard of the ordinary Liberian people is the pillar of the Pro-Poor Agenda to lift Liberians out of poverty.

Minister Nyenpan also thanked President Dr. Weah for his commitment to ensuring completion of the project. He assured Mr. President that more roads are to be dedicated sequentially following the dedication of 2.7km Samuel Kanyon Doe Community Road in upcoming months as of January to May 2019.

He told President Weah that the road represents a monument to lift the people out of poverty. Minister Nyenpan recounted the president’s order for the construction of the road during the raining season, but said the ministry was at the time faced with some technical and geographical challenges; saying that with the quality and time invested by the SSF Entrepreneur as the contractor for the road, construction work was satisfactorily completed without complaint.

The newly constructed road located in Doe Community on Bushrod Island connects Clara Town to Somalia Drive. The road has been upgraded to asphalt double pavement and has brought the problem of transportation to an end in the area and its environs. Before the project began the road was completely deplorable and nearly impassable to motorists.

According to Minister Nyenpan, in order to uplift the living standard of the people of Doe Community and its neighbors the Government of Liberia saw the need to upgrade the road for end users.

The Doe Community Road Project has been the government’s target to help reduce traffic congestion in Monrovia and to bring relief to affected residents including students, marketers who previously lived in a remote condition which affected the local economy.

The significant impact of the all-weather pavement, drainages modern road in completed Doe Community has also promoted free movement of basic goods and services for local traders in and out of the community.

Minister Nyenpan said the government is not just being political about its desire to build roads, it is rather determined to engage with substantive development aimed at creating the needed road infrastructures throughout the country in accordance with the CDC-led government’s desire to live up to its promise to the people.

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