Western Counties Get Team Gongloe Cells

By Weah Karpeh, Head of Media Relations Team Gongloe

Call them “Comrades” or “Progressives”, if you like. The undisputable fact is they have sacrificially contributed to the attainment of the seeming democracy, pluralism and equality Liberia sees today.

Tribute to the gallant “Progressives” that stayed the course while their peers limped aside as a result of little perseverance, inconsistency or better put, greed and personal aggrandizement.

Not even the struggle of the “Progressives” before reminded them of the need to continue until the Motherland was totally liberated of injustice, uneven distribution of national endowment, sectionalism, nepotism, cronyism – an endless list of vices and menaces.

One of the “Progressives” who’s still worthy of the calling is law practitioner and rights activist, Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe. It is to see him elected President of Liberia, 2023 that a grassroots political movement known as Team Gongloe that started in May and out-doored in July, 2021 not only canvasses Liberians but plants or builds its Cells in their midst.

While he’s not a Saint or an Angel, Team Gongloe finds him stand-tall in his service to the public, and that above all, his admirable attributes include integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency which have been the guidepost of the 33 years the 65-year-old “Progressive” has worked in human, political and democratic rights advocacy.

To date, Team Gongloe is present and active in nine (9) counties. Over the past days, the Team’s Vice Chair for Mobilization & Recruitment, Major Samukai, and its energetic Youth Leader, Abednego Blay toured Western counties of Bomi, Gbarpolu and Grand Cape Mount and put up Cells to be manned by 30 Coordinators who respectively declared they would reach remotest towns and hamlets of the Provinces to spread the ‘word’.

According to Major, Western Region Motorcyclists Union President, Alexander T. Devine committed his more than 1,000 membership to ensuring the goal of Team Gongloe was achieved while the Team’s Bomi County Coordinator, Alpha Conneh said he would do his utmost to enable Team Gongloe realize its aspiration to see Tiawan President of Liberia, 2023.

Regarding the remaining six (6) counties namely, Northern Lofa County, and Southeast’s Grand Kru, Sinoe, Maryland, River Gee and Grand Gedeh Counties, Major stated that they queue for their own Cells and that plans were afoot to cover them between December, 2021 and very early, 2022.

Notwithstanding, he divulged, ‘word’ about the Counselor’s Presidential bid for which Team Gongloe is seeking his acquiesce or consent has landed and strategically pierces hearts and minds of the masses that long to see a better and prosperous Liberia only the integral public servant can bring about.

On his part, renowned and very critical political and economic analyst, Samuel Jackson in a one-line Facebook Post recently simply sounded the following caveat: “Take the Tiawan Gongloe Presidential bid seriously”. While the line could stir tummies of people of the other blocs, it adds to fervent calls the masses are getting and already responding to.

That is, to join and participate in ongoing work so Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe is President to transform Liberia. Team Gongloe waits to see you onboard the soonest, Comrade Jackson.

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