“We’ll Use AFL to Fight Hunger” -Gongloe -Receives Hero’s Welcome on Campaign Launch in Nimba

MONROVIA : The Standard Bearer of the Liberian People’s Party (LPP), Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe, says when he wins the 2023 general and presidential elections, his government will declare war on hunger by using the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) as the ground force, utilizing agriculture as its main artillery.

According to Cllr. Gongloe since the formation of the Armed Forces Liberia (AFL) in 1908, they have not fought a simple war in the country, adding that his government will ensure that the AFL will now lead the fight against hunger in Liberia.

Making the statement over the weekend in Ganta City, Nimba County where he had traveled to launch the LPP political campaign, Cllr Gongloe said under his leadership, the AFL will be heavily involved with agriculture production.

He said machines will be provided to enhance agriculture production across the 15 counties through the military, adding that doing so will help reduce the importation of rice in Liberia and will help improve the living conditions of the Liberian people.

The former president of the Liberia National Bar Association said the Government of Liberia spends over US$200 million each year on the importation of rice when the soil of the country is good for agricultural production.

Cllr. Gongloe’s assertions come against the backdrop of a 2023 FAO Early Warning report that listed Liberia amongst other countries that are in urgent need of food assistance. Many of the other countries listed are experiencing war, flood, drought and other climate change issues, but Liberia is listed because of rising food prices and government economic policies that make 500,000 Liberians acutely food insecure.

Addressing Public Enemy Number One

The 2023 Presidential candidate further attributed the backwardness of development in Liberia to the ‘failure’ of the country’s leadership to adequately seek the interest of the citizens.

Gongloe further accused past and current leaders of the country for doing nothing to positively impact the lives of Liberians, despite the abundance of natural resources that are being mined by companies in the country.

“This country is blessed with natural resources and rich soil but the country has been victimized as a result of leadership bankruptcy,” he added.

He told the jubilant crowd that bad governance has unfortunately made corruption an acceptable culture of governance; and as a result of the high level of corruption in most government offices in Liberia, a majority of the people of Liberia are getting poorer and poorer every day.

Further outlining the negative impact of the menace, he said corruption has made every aspect of life so difficult that more children are dying in Liberia before reaching the age of five, more pregnant women are dying and more people are dying from easily curable diseases, and from hunger.

“Corruption is keeping more children out of school because their parents cannot afford to send them to school. Corruption has made it impossible for Liberians to travel in most parts of Liberia, especially in Southeastern Liberia during the rainy season. Corruption is a weapon of mass destruction,” he stated.

Likening corruption to a pandemic, he said the only way to slow it is to take preventive measures. “We will tell the people that LPP believes in operating an open, transparent, and accountable government with the assets, salaries, and benefits of the president, the vice president, the Speaker, President Pro Tempore, the lawmakers, the Chief Justice, justices and judges as well as all public service employees made known to the people of Liberia by publishing same on a government website.”

He vowed to mobilize and motivate the Liberian people by setting a good example for all Liberians to collectively sweep corruption from Liberia, saying: “The number one task of the Liberian People’s Party is to lead the Liberian people in the battle against corruption. We must collectively form a movement against this notorious enemy of Liberia.”

CPP Partisans jump ship to LPP

Meanwhile, a group of disenchanted CPP coordinators and zonal heads endorsed the presidential bid of Cllr. Taiwan Saye Gongole ahead of the October polls, describing the LPP standard bearer as the best suited person to lead Liberia.

The CPP partisans also vowed to vigorously campaign for Cllr. Gongole in a Jehovah Witness-style that will lead them into hamlets, villages, and towns in Nimba County to ensure that the LPP standard bearer is elected in the pending 2023 elections as president of Liberia.

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