Weah’s Triumphant Return, Masses’ Mandate to Morlu -‘Blue Hurricane’ Hits Nation’s Capital Saturday Again

MONROVIA:  When supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) hoots and dance to the rhyme, “We’re the masses, we can’t get tire”, there is a temptation for one to shrug and say, “These folks are joking”. But taking a persistent shot at devotees of Liberia’s unarguably populist political organization, the refrain is far from bluff. Since early August this year, when political campaigns were announced by the National Elections Commission (NEC), the public is getting nearly tire with tireless stampeding CDCians, as they are popularly called, gathering anywhere anytime, at night and in the day, in the rain and in the sun, in their blues and with their unstoppable battle cries and slogans all over the place. Even the return of their political leader from the United Nations General Assembly, which in other jurisdictions is treated ordinarily, is again also being “campaignized” by the CDC with mobilization spreading far and wide. As The Analyst reports, even the Chairman of the Party, who was on serious campaign tours deep in the countryside, is clawed back to down, and he testifies of how he got the summon from the masses to report to Monrovia in preparation for yet another “Blue Wave Hurricane” in the nation’s capital.

President George Manneh Weah returns to the Capital Saturday, September 23 from state duty in the United States where he addressed the United Nations General Assembly. Having almost thoroughly rinsed Monrovia and its environs with campaign activities, and momentum still bobbling, it would be expected he arrive home quietly for energy refuel to jump straightly on other counties he is yet to campaign in.

But that is not the case. The President will not rest. Monrovia will not rest. The untiring masses of the Coalition for Democratic Change will not let him do nor will they make Monrovia have some quiet.

As they say and often sing and dance with it, they are the masses, they can’t get tire. Indeed, literally they seemingly cannot get tire.

When the President temporarily paused his sweeping political campaign to go the US to address the UNGA, while others thought it was time for CDCians to look about and save energy while their political leader was away, the masses were getting Monrovia and other places around the country hot and animated. The noises were not draining down, as PA systems vibrated from community to community, and huge assemblies held. It was either an endorsement ceremony, a musical concept, an 18ner assembly or a sort of arousing activities keeping up the momentum.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Party, Mulbah Morlu, had been quite robust away in the woods along with a strong team making straight the path for the entry of his Political Master, Standard-Bearer George Manneh Weah.

But before he hit Grand Gedeh, the mandate of the masses, as he described it, echoed in the air, and he would not resist. He has to return, and quickly, being party disciplined.

In a testimony shared on the Facebook page, Morlu wrote:

“The Masses have Power. In fact, they have SUPER POWER! A small part of that Masses Power was exercised two days ago when I received a call from dozens of CDCians with a simple message paraphrased as follows: ‘Mr Chairman, we had a meeting in our thousands and we have decided to show LOVE & SUPPORT to our development Hero, H.E. Dr. George M. Weah. So we are requesting you to come to Monrovia to lead tens of thousands of ordinary Liberians that will be turning out on Sept 23rd to give our ‘One Round’ Victory Candidate George Manneh Weah, a rousing welcome’.

“That simple yet Resolute MASSES’ MANDATE being well understood, relieved me of all other duties in the SOUTHEAST, and was treated as a SUMMON back to Monrovia. Leaving behind dozens of militants to continue the southeastern task, and abandoning an immobile vehicle along the way that needs a tow truck, I jumped on a motorbike for over five hours!

The revolutionary Nimba Chapter, hearing the trench-move, dispatched dozens of robust beret-dressed Nimba Militants to Tapita with bikes for escort, and a Pickup packed with water & manpower to climax the sojourn.

“I arrived at the victory Nat’l Headquarters of the mighty CDC at around 10pm, apologizing to thousands of assembled militants for being late after learning they had been there since 2pm! They laughed off my apology saying; ‘No, no Chairman, you don’t need to apologize we know the importance of the southeastern tour, nevertheless we were even prepared to sleep here ‘till your arrival because ‘Locking down RIA & turning the entire Monrovia blue on Saturday is a mandate more important to us than our personal comforts.’

“I smiled & whispered to myself, ‘If the Masses could Mandate their Chairman to be at the RIA, to receive our leader, I wait to see those that may not take such MANDATE seriously.”

“CDC coming outside again?

The masses are not tarrying. They are coming out again. The blue waves, someone call the Saturday even “Blue hurricane”, is bellowing on the horizon. It is hitting the West Coast of Africa tomorrow, Saturday.

In a release, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) stated that its global Chairman, Mulbah K. Morlu, will on Saturday, September 23, 2023 lead thousands of partisans at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) to triumphantly and elaborately await party’s Standard Bearer and State President George Weah.

The move follows the Party’s Standard Bearer and Liberia President Dr. George Weah’s excellent and result-driven presentation at the United Nations General Assembly.

Chairman Morlu immediately upon arrival from southern Liberia, where he had gone to vigorously lead a one-on-one citizens engagement, went at the party’s headquarters and was unexpectedly greeted by a huge turnout of  jubilant partisans who had gathered to request him to  organize a program that befits the President’s return.

Chairman Morlu, responding to partisans request at the mass meeting, graciously accepted saying, ‘I am a servant of the people’ and have no option but join the tens of thousands of Liberians who will turn out on Saturday to give rousing welcome to our beloved Standard-bearer and founding father, H.E. George M. Weah.’

Several partisans at the meeting who spoke to Journalists averred that they will massively turnout from district-to-district to await their Standard Bearer at principal street corners, from RIA through ELWA, SKD boulevard, Somalia drive, Freeport, as well as from Board Street to the Party’s Headquarters in Congo Town, hoping the President will pass their way.

Shouting out in daring chorus, their voices echoed through the meeting, saying, “Monrovia will witness an outright human shutdown on Saturday; this will send the final October message that President Weah’s One Round Victory is certain and sure”.

It is not clear whether speeches will be made. What pundits suspect about the latest CDC showdown in Monrovia is that it is an attempt to wash off remaining echoes, if there is any, of the Sunday, September 17 campaign launch of the opposition Unity Party.

“When we come out Saturday–and watch out because we will do so in our usual populist and tsunamic mode–no one will remember if anyone other than the CDC has ever come out in the streets of Monrovia,” said Smith Boweh, who said he is an auxiliary official in District 11, Montserrado County.

“Talking about human waves, don’t come there with CDC. No one dare try us. First round victory is firmly ours. And we can prove it anywhere and anytime in advance before October 10.”

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