Weah’s Bid Suffers Setback -As Key ‘Bassa For Weah 2023’ Members Quit

BUCHANAN: The hope of President George Manneh Weah garnering substantial votes from Grand Bassa County to support his re-election bid may have suffered a serious setback yesterday, Monday, June 12, 2023 when some executives of a major auxiliary group, Bassa For Weah 2023 Movement tendered their resignation from their respective positions and membership, citing some reasons including “President Weah’s decision to fight the political leader of the Grand Bassa Hon. Gbehzohngar M. Findley”

In a communication addressed to the Chairman of the Bassa For Weah 2023 Movement, Mr. Emmanuel O. Sherman dated June 12, 2023, three of the executive committee, namely, Samuel Tobey, Vice Chair for Program, Planning and Strategy, McArthur D. Gbardyu, Deputy Secretary for Administration and Evon Dalieh, Treasurer, said they were tendering their resignation after consideration and reflection and came up to the conclusion “that it is no longer possible for us to continue our membership with the aforesaid political movement and support to the reelection bid of President George Manneh Weah.

”President George Manneh Weah’s decision to fight the political leader of the people of Bassa, Hon. Gbehzohngar M. Findley. Despite our efforts to see President Weah re-elected especially with popular votes from Bassaland, the President on the other hand has pronounced in an open statement his unreserved plan to fight and bring down Hon. Gbehzohngar M. Findley, our political leader, which would undermine the development and progress of our county and people“, the former officials cited one of the reasons..

The former officials also mentioned Political witch-hunt and Gross Intolerance of President Weah and the Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC), wherein the President and the party “continue to threaten and coerce officials of Government with dismissal and political persecution, especially local county officials, chiefs and elders to sign petitions and endorsement statements of favor of his(Weah) re-election and support for his proxy warrior to contest against Hon. Dr. Gbehzohngar M. Findley for the senatorial seat of Grand Bassa County”.

“Failure to address internal issues : Numerous incidents have occurred within the Bassa for Weah 2023 Movement over the past few months which we have raised severally with serious concerns including poor governance structures and inability of the leadership to manage/handle internal conflicts in a fair and just manner. Unfortunately, the leadership has taken no concrete action to address these issues which have caused us to lose faith in the ability of the leadership of the Bassa For Weah 2023 to build a strong and cohesive political movement”, the officials added the third reason.

They maintained that the  mentioned points and many other concerns run contrary to their political beliefs and as well undermine their collective efforts to create a just and equitable society. “Hence, we therefore tender our resignation as Vice Chair for Program, Planning and Strategy, Deputy Secretary for Administration and Treasurer and members of the Bassa for Weah 2023 Movement” with immediate effect”, the ex-officials said.

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