Weah Woos Clergy to Join Bicentennial Celebrations -Holds Fruitful Meeting With Over 500 Pastors

Celebrating the return of freed African slaves from the United States to these shores of Africa 200 years ago is no small endeavor to which President George Manneh Weah and his Government have committed themselves. Many social, political and religious cleavages have since emerged on the national landscape and celebration of this nature was supposed be a full mosaic of people and organizations related one way or the other to this oldest African republic. It seemed the euphoria with which the plans, strategies and schedules kicked off was to emotional, overwhelming and intoxicating that certainly issues and groups were glossed over. Now it seems things sobering and maturing, and the Chief Convener of this yearlong Bicentennial Celebrations, President George Manneh Weah, is reaching all out to every nook and corner to draw the participation in, and ownership of, of the events by citizens of all persuasions. In light of that purpose, he held a meeting with over 500 pastors representing various denotations over the weekend. The Analyst reports.

President George Manneh Weah is now stepping up the mobilization of citizens of all backgrounds to get involved in the celebration of Liberia’s Bicentennial which kicked off last Friday at the Providence Island.

Liberia, under President Weah’s leadership, is this year 2022, celebrating the founding of Liberia which began in earnest when some 86 freed blacks from the United States landed on what is known today as the Providence Island in 1822.

Several events are planned throughout this year to commemorate the Bicentennial, which a couple of them already scheduled for February.

In an apparent bid to widen outreach, the Chief Executive tilted towards the Religious Community Friday, January 14, 2022, and held a meeting with them at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town.

It can be recalled shortly after the kickoff of the Bicentennial celebration that was held on the Providence Island in Monrovia, the President of the Liberia Council of Churches, Rev. Kortu Brown, told journalists about his apprehension over the absence of other stakeholders at the program. He particularly denounced the absence of major opposition political leaders.

Rev. Brown, who was at the program, called on the government and the opposition to work together in promoting peace and unity, particularly using the Bicentennial Celebration as a catalyst.

It is not clear whether the alarm blown by the Liberian cleric has caused the President to start looking around for other Liberians whose presence and participation on pending schedule of activities will grace and honor the Bicentennial. But is clear is that the President over the weekly meet with religious leaders and encouraged them to participate and attend.

President Weah, at the meeting, urged the religious leaders to take seize of events commemorating the Bicentennial Celebration of the country by getting involved and playing a very active, significant and productive role.

He said as spiritual torchbearers of society, members of the Religious Community are uncontestably relevant to the founding of the country. The President therefore called on them to ensure that the best thing is done in the supreme interest of the country.

The President of the Liberia Council of Churches leader extolled President Weah for the meeting, stating: “To God be the Glory! Excellent Consultative Meetings took place on Friday, January 14, 2022 between the Church and State at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, Monrovia to raise awareness and develop a roadmap for the Churches participation in Bicentennial Celebration of Liberia.”

He said President Weah’s participation in the meeting was timely and rewarding, thanking the Ad Hoc Technical Committee for preparatory groundbreaking work for a successful and encouraging meeting.

The religious leaders’ meeting with the President also drew the attention Rev. Dr. Moses Suah, President of Liberia Ministerial Alliance in North America (LIMANA). He sent a text to Bishop Kortu Brown:

“As a consequence of the meeting yesterday between the Church and the State, It’s time to resuscitate the Church Bicentennial Liaison committee in the USA that was set up when we met LIMANA in October 2019 in Philly, USA. Bishop Gabriel Lardner was appointed as Chairperson. A full committee needs to be formed to engage the Church in the diaspora in the celebration of our 200 years as a nation state. The LCC General Secretary, Rev. Christopher W. Toe will reach out on this achievement. It’s time to bring our churches both home and abroad much closer for the promotion of the Kingdom of God. Blessings in the New Year.”

Apparently feeling good about the meeting with the over 500 church leaders, the President few hours after the meeting sent a text message to Rev. Brown as an appreciation. He wrote: “Thank you, Bishop Brown. It’s was a honor to see all of you yesterday for a worthy cause for our country. Thanks and God bless your every action towards national endeavors. Please extend my sincere appreciation to all the men and women of God that came yesterday. It was an honor meeting them and was also a pleasant feeling having lunch with them. To God be the glory.”

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