Weah Woos Citizens To Embrace Unity, Peace -Says ‘Love of Liberty Must Unite All Liberians’

The nearly 5-year leadership of President George Manneh Weah has spanned without any national crises, the first time in several years in the absence foreign troops and powers controlling national security and micromanaging other important state matters. And it seems he wants to complete the record towards the expiry of his first six-year term and even beyond. It is not a surprise why Dr. Weah has not only remained tolerant to dissent but also continuously propagating the message of peace and unity with every opportunity at public functions. At the country’s 175th Independence Anniversary program attended by hundreds of citizens and foreign guests, the 24th President once gain accentuated the imperative of peace and unity, as The Analyst reports. 

President George Manneh Weah has implored Liberians to quench the spirit of disagreement and division which is centralized on an inscription of the national seal, and to ignite the spirit of unity, love, reconciliation, peace, stability and nationalism.

Since the emergence of progressivism in the Liberian polity, the inscription in the national seal “the Love of Liberty Brought Us Here” has been contentious in the body politic of the country. The settlers who established the nation state of Liberia proclaimed as their major patriotic mantra the catchphrase, “love of liberty brought us here”. But indigenous intellectual and   have been debunking the claim, attempting to amend the mantra to, the love of liberty met us here.’

But President Dr. Weah, throughout his speeches during this year’s national independence day, has been merging the two concepts of the mantra, saying that this year’s celebration of the founding and declaration of independence presents an opportunity for Liberians to soberly reflect on our political genesis and journey to develop the nation together.

“Whether it is ‘love of liberty brought us here’, or ‘love of liberty met us here’, let that Love of Liberty UNITE us here.

In a special National Day statement, heled at the Centennial Pavilion, Tuesday, July 26, President Weah called on all Liberians to be united for the common good of protecting the sovereignty of the country.

“I say today to all Liberians, hear me and hear me well.  Whether it ‘love of liberty brought us here’, or ‘the love of liberty met us here’, let that Love of Liberty UNITE us here!  Whether it brought us here, or met us here, let that Love of Liberty UNITE us here!”

The Liberian leader said the 175th Independence Celebration, and Bicentennial, marking 200 years since our founding which define our continuous existence as a body politic are genuine and valid reasons for celebration.   

The President noted that both Independence and Bicentennial Celebration also present the opportunity for Liberians to soberly reflect on our political genesis and journey, not only from whence we have come, but also how long and how far we have traveled together, lived together, worked together, survived together and developed together.

“Indeed, the bonds that have held us together have been tried and tested over these years, and continue to grow in strength as we advance together in cohesion as One People, with One Destiny,” he said.  

The President indicated that Liberians may have differences, “but we are proud of the ties that inspire our unity. So let us join ranks and consolidate our resources as a Nation and People, so as to uphold the legacy that our forefathers have passed on to us, because there is so much more that unites us, than divides us.”

“I therefore encourage you, my fellow citizens, to put off the spirit of disagreement and division, and put on the spirit of unity, love, reconciliation, peace, stability and nationalism. We must respect and love one another.”

“As your leader,” he continued, “I urge you to join me to build our dear country. It does not matter who you are, or your status in life.  It does not matter what political ideology you aspire to, or your ethnic background; religious persuasion, social class, or academic standard.”

Liberians, he continued, have a patriotic duty and a sacred obligation to protect their sovereignty through good deeds, innovation, and hard work. “We must unite and be reconciled in peaceful co-existence as citizens of Liberia.”

He said maintaining our sovereignty is the most successful achievement we have made as a nation and people, which he considered the collective responsibility to sustain the peace, security, and stability of this first independent nation in Africa, called Liberia.

Acknowledging US Invitation

A major development that took place at the program celebrating the 175th Independence Anniversary of Liberia, which nearly stole the show, was revelations by United States President, Joe Biden’s invitation to President Weah to participate in a special forum in the United States soon.

The revelations was made by the ambassador of the US nearly Liberia, Michael McCarthy.

Responding the message as openly delivered during the program, President Weah informed the American Ambassador to Liberia, Ambassador Michael McCarthy to inform President Joe Biden that “I received and accept his invitation to attend the Summit in Washington D.C. adding, “I will be there to represent the Liberian people.”

He said: “We want to acknowledge with profound gratitude the special relationship subsisting between Liberia and the United States of America.  Indeed, we are connected and it is very clear from our history that the People of the United States of America have goodwill towards Liberia and Liberians, and the feeling is mutual.”

This goodwill, he noted further, was manifested by the decision of the American Government to make a commemorative plaque that was given to Liberia on the occasion of our Centennial Celebration on July 26, 1947.

“And now today, at this celebration of our 175th Independence Anniversary, we have just witnessed the resubmission of that plague to the Government of Liberia by the American Ambassador to Liberia H.E. Michael McCarthy.

“On behalf of the Government and People of Liberia, we extend our profound thanks and appreciation to the Government and People of the United States of America; through you, Ambassador McCarthy, for this recognition and solidarity. We cherish the wording on the plague, and remain optimistic that our two Governments and Peoples will continue to embrace each other in harmony and love,” President Weah indicates.

Unlimited Possibilities For Women Justified

Earlier, the President started by complementing the national orator for the occasion, Commerce Minister, Mawine Diggs, for   what the Liberian leader called her inspiring and thoughtful Address, which he said, ‘has given us new insights into the importance of peace and unity in our Nation,  and renewed our hopes for a better Liberia.’ 

“I am personally very proud of you, Hon. Diggs, for your excellent Oration, because you brilliantly represented two of the most important demographics in our country: women, and the youth.  You have justified my confidence in the ability and unlimited possibilities of women and young people to make meaningful and significant contributions to the national discourse, and to fully participate in the leadership and management of our governance structures,” he maintained.

    He is sure that all attendees of the formal occasion where the oration was delivered will agree that the orator did justice to the official theme of this year’s Independence Celebration, as you articulated on the subject of:  “Fostering Unity, and Protecting Our Peace for Development and Prosperity”.

“Your message today was simple, understanding, relevant, and will resonate well not only with the women and youth, but with all Liberians.   You used your personal story to demonstrate the importance of hard work and determination, as well as the importance of education in pursuit of one’s goals, and by so doing, you have given us much food for thought. I say to you, congratulations, and thank you very much,” he stated.

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