Weah Wants CDCians Hold Together -Says CDC Isn’t Integrity Institution; But Political Movement

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.

MONROVIA: The Standard Bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change, George Weah has emphasized that the CDC is neither an integrity institution nor a social club but a movement that champions the people’s struggle.

The former President made the comment when he was seeking the support of members of the party to its new National Chairman, Atty. Janga Kowo late Monday, March 18, 2024 at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town upon the return of Atty. Kowo from an international trip.

Detailing what he actually meant by the statement, Mr. Weah told ‘CDCians’ that no one can be a woman and be a man at the same time, stressing that once an individual has chosen to follow the CDC, there should be no other way except the party.

According to him, many of the partisans have claimed to be revolutionaries, but a true revolutionary sees only the revolution and nothing else, noting that the partisanship of an individual is expressed through commitment and sacrifices to the political party.

“You cannot be a woman and be a man at the same time. We are a political party. Most of you indeed claimed that you are revolutionaries but a true revolutionary sees only the revolution and nothing else. So, if you are a partisan, we are no social club, we are not an integrity institution; this is the people’s struggle and we must make sure that the people’s struggle continues,” he said.

The flag bearer of the former ruling establishment indicated that the success and sustainability of Atty. Kowo leadership as the successor of the party’s immediate past National Chair turned civil rights activist, Mulbah K. Morlu depends on the commitment and loyalty of all partisans across the country.

“For him to be successful, we need to come together and galvanize. The only friend we have is the mighty Coalition for Democratic Change. This is our forward match; please don’t forget that you cannot be a girl and a boy at the same time,” Mr. Weah stressed.

At the same time, George Manneh Weah has reminded Atty. Janga A. Kowo about his responsibility to either teach CDCians how to be a boy or a girl while the party remains unbending on its support to his leadership.

He urged the new National Chair of the party to unite all partisans and ensure that the CDC gets back on track, especially when the 2023 presidential and legislatives elections are over, thus leaving many with dissatisfaction and bitterness.

“We are ready to work with you to make you successful. I remember when I said, he’s a quiet guy, he’s going to be the Secretary General but a lot of people were saying ‘no no, why, why’. Today again, we are here. I know who you are and I know what you can do,” George Weah noted.

The former Liberian leader expressed explicit confidence in the leadership of Atty. Kowo, terming the moment as his chance to demonstrate what he knows best.

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  1. Kelvin Brooks says

    It’s interesting that after becoming president, all he saw was himself.

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