Weah Swims in Massive Endorsements Ahead of 2023 -As He Continues Montserrado County Tour

MONROVIA – President George Manneh Weah’s second term bid got a massive boost yesterday, Wednesday, August 17, 2022, when during his ongoing tour of Montserrado County, Citizens and residents of Districts #5, 6 and 10 thronged out to give him heroic receptions and petitioned him to seek reelection for the presidency in 2023 at the various elaborate programs held in the respective districts.

It was like a homecoming carnival for the President when he commenced his tour in District #6, the community he has lived for most of his political life, specifically in the Rehab Community. As early as 6 am in the morning citizens and residents had begun moving in their large numbers and converging at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville amid singing, dancing, solidarity songs and sloganeering from partisans of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC), supporters and well-wishers and performances by a local cultural and dancing group.

Several groups including youths, women groups, marketers, students and community leaders spoke at the programs, praising him for his stewardship over the years and recounting a number of developments he has undertaken and completed during the period under review. They also appealed to him for his intervention in the areas of youth empowerment, rehabilitation of youth at risk or zogoes, provision of soft loans and other financial opportunities for women to engage in businesses, etc.

For a program that was highly considered as an honoring and homecoming event for one of their illustrious residents and sons, the citizens told the President that without even asking them for their support against 2023, they are wholeheartedly coming forth to petition him to seek for the second term in 2023.

As a traditional gesture and demonstration of their undiluted support for the President, two kola nuts were presented to him, one representing the exemplary leadership qualities and outstanding achievements in his first term and the other one as their commitment towards his second term of office. He was thereafter presented with a colorful African woven gown with a matching cap and assorted farm products as gifts on the occasion.

“What more can we say that we are well pleased in our son, the President, Dr. George Manneh Weah, for his work he has done and what he still intends to do. We know how others said that he could not do a thing first as a senator and now as president. But he has proven beyond doubts that he is a performer. We will stand by him and pray that God will guide him as he steers the affairs of the state. The journey is not going to end here but to ensure his reelection in 2023”, Reverend Samuel Enders, an Independent and lawmaker representing District #6, Montserrado County amid thunderous cheers from the people.

Senator Saah Joseph of Montserrado County who also spoke at the occasion praised the President and attributed everything he has achieved in life today to President Weah whom he said took him from a refugee camp in Guinea and gave him a life line first in business and then into politics from where he was elected to the House of Representatives in 2011.

 “We are not here to tell you what he has done for this country as a professional soccer player, as a senator for Montserrado County and now as President of Liberia. We have come to tell you to be part of the process to re-elect him in 2023 so as to continue what he is currently doing to transform this country. We have to make sure that this time around we vote for him in the first round and not the second round”, Senator Joseph said and was greeted with resounding applause from the people.

President Weah, who put up a radiant smile in excitement for the honor done to him by his neighbors , said he was not surprised by the gesture. “This is not strange to me and that is why I continue to say that I owe you gratitude and appreciation more than you owe me. How can you thank me for something you perfected for me”, Weah said amid cheers from the people.

He thanked them for standing by him in 2017 and promising to stand by him again in 2023, stressing that with all that he has received from the people he has never disappointed them. He went in memory lane to narrate how he got their support to win the senatorial race in 2014 and how they supported his political persuasion that culminated into his presidency in 2017.

Reflecting his background to reach where he is today, he said he can only thank God first and second his determination to be the best he wanted to be despite the difficulties he went through, adding that he is a man of few words but a committed person to a cause.

“For us, we don’t talk much. We believe in action and making things to work. I have listened to your various requests and I can tell you we will act on them. What we cannot do we are not going to promise you but just like when we delivered the roads we promised, the free education in our universities, the free WASSCE fees, and other developments, we will equally do our best to deliver them to you” President Weah said.

President Weah told the people that he was highly elated for the endorsement he received from the citizens towards the 2023 General elections and was upbeat of the commitment they have made because they have never disappointed him whenever their support was needed. He said he was seeking re-election so as to consolidate on the gains of the first term, promising to do even more in his second term.

Because of the close proximity of the Paynesville Townhall , venue of the next point of call for his engagement with the people of District #5, there was serious human and vehicular hiccups as the large crowd that turned out at the SKD Sports Complex extended all the way at the ELWA junction and on the other hand those who turned out to receive the President and party lined up the AB Tolbert road up to the Townhall.

As usual the President was accorded a warm reception from the people who had converged earlier in the morning for the program that was scheduled to hold later on in the afternoon. Like in District #6 where the first program was held, that of District # 5 was also colorful.

Among other things, the citizens appealed to the President for the construction of a resource center to enhance learning, studies and research, youth and women empowerment especially loans and financial assistance for business purposes.

Representative Thomas Fallah who summarized their presentations lauded the good human nature of Weah and asserted that he played a significant role to shape his destiny, adding that from a mere wood seller, Weah encouraged and inspired him into politics and today he has become a lawmaker for District #5.

“We are happy to welcome the President in our District and to thank him for what he has been able to do in the past 4 and half years. We cannot name them all but we could give you a summary of some of them which you can find in all sectors whether in education or infrastructure. He has been able to build roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, provided scholarships for our students and restored the hope of the country, he has done a lot and in such a way we have to make sure that he is re-elected for another 6 years in 2023.

“On behalf of the traditional rulers, elders, women, the youths, students and the entire citizens and residents of District #5,  Mr. President, we can want to assure you of our support for you in 2023 and promised not to disappoint you”, Representative Fallah said

President Weah who spoke much later told the people of his gratitude to them for powering his ambition to the presidency in 2017 and for keeping the peace because according to him without peace, there will be no development. He said it was important to undertake the county tour so as to assess the problems and needs of the people for himself.

He told the audience that he had earlier concluded his tour in the other 14 counties but for Montserrado County, it has to be postponed because it coincided with other national and international engagements but he had to create time despite competing schedules to undertake the process so as to thank the people and also to meet them and assess their challenges with the view of finding last solutions.

“So we are here today to tell you thank you for supporting us in 2017 and keeping the peace. You chose us ahead of other qualified or more qualified candidates to lead this country. It is like you were taking a risk because others went to you and said that we were not up to the task yet you stood your ground to be with us.

 “And in all fairness, we have not disappointed you. We have delivered what we promised and will do more if we are given an opportunity again. Others have always thought that we cannot make any impact because we are considered as mere footballer but we told them we are not just mere footballer. We have what it takes to lead this country. This year, we celebrated our 175th Independence but I can tell you that I have been able to do it in just 4 years, above other former leaders in this country.

He confirmed to the people his desire to seek reelection and solicited their support just like “I did in 2017 when I went to you and sought your votes and you did not let me down”.

President Weah left from the interactive session with the citizens a happy man as from one speaker to another representing various groups vowed to land him into his second term in 2023.

The last lap of the tour ended in District #10 where the President again got a huge endorsement from the people who were particularly happy that for a very long time, a prominent daughter of the District, Madam Ruth Coker-Collins was appointed to a high profile position as Minister of Public Works who has brought pride to them from the outstanding work she has been doing with the infrastructural development of the country.

President Weah and party who had earlier stormed the district amid an elaborate preparation for the visit got a rousing welcome and was ushered into the venue of the program.

After a series of speakers, mostly from groups and opinion leaders who had all pledged their support to the president against 2023, Senator Saah Joseph summarized their presentations and assured the president of the commitment and seriousness of the people to support him as a way to ensure that the development projects he started will be completed in his second term.

Food items from market women and gowning of the President by the citizens and residents formed highlights of the program.

President Weah thanked the people for always standing by him and ensuring that the peace the country has enjoyed under the country’s nascent democracy was well observed by the people.

While appreciating them for the pledge they have made to reelect him, he also told them that he was a man of few words but full of action to fulfill what he promised. He told them that his resolve not to cut corners to achieve what he wants has been the guiding principle he has followed all throughout his life.

“I have never tried to take shortcuts to life and also lie for anything I am not and will not do. I was not a high school student when I sought to be president in this country and my opponent used it against me. I was tempted to lie about my education just like any other person would do but I went to the people and told them the truth about myself and they gave me the support. I was able to go back to school to complete my high school and college and today I am President.

“So the roads I promised you, I have delivered them, I have given scholarships and built hospitals and other projects in this country in just 4 years of my administration. Your vote for me again will not be a waste. It will make me do more than what I did before”, he said.

The Minister of Internal Affairs Varney Sirleaf who has been accompanying the President on all the visits told the people at each meeting that the purpose of the visit was to afford the President the opportunity to thank the people for the votes he got from them in 2017, to report to them his stewardship and to ask them for additional support as he seeks reelection in 2023.

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