Weah Says Achievements Certify Reelection -As CDC Legislative Caucus Endorses 2nd Term Bid

MONROVIA : The entire membership of the Legislative Caucus of the  ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) that represents a significant portion of the 54th Legislature of the Republic of Liberia, on Tuesday, June 13, 2023 endorsed the reelection bid of President George Manneh Weah in an elaborate program held at the headquarters of the CDC in Congo Town, where incumbent Weah proudly assured his partisans of a decisive victory at the October 10, 2023 polls based on his record of achievements that have led to massive infrastructure development in the country, as well as youth empowerment; noting further that the legislators’ endorsement is an open approval of his sterling stewardship.

“This endorsement is not just a seal of approval for our policies and programs; it is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the Liberian people.

“To all the newcomers who have chosen to join our mighty Coalition for Democratic Change, I extend a warm welcome. The CDC is not merely a political party; it is a beacon of hope and progress for all Liberians. Within our ranks, there is space for every citizen, regardless of their party affiliation. Together, we will build a stronger and more prosperous Liberia.

“Our accomplishments during my first term have been significant. We have transformed the face of our nation through infrastructure development, empowered our youth to become the driving force of change, and achieved economic stability that has positively impacted the lives of countless Liberians. These achievements are a testament to the resilience and determination of our people.

“Let me assure you, my fellow compatriots, that the upcoming elections will be nothing short of a shining example of democracy in action. As the great Nelson Mandela once said, ‘The true character of a society is revealed in how it treats its citizens during the election process.’  We are committed to upholding the democratic principles that underpin our Nation, and as I have repeatedly promised, my Government will ensure a free, fair, transparent, credible, and peaceful electoral process,” President Weah assured thousands of his supporters and partisans who flocked at his endorsement program where platform guests included Senate Pro Tempore Albert T. Chie, House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, and a plethora of other prominent legislators who pledged their support to President Weah.

“Divisive opposition”

President Weah also used the occasion to lambast the opposition community for attempting to impede the progress of his government, stating that the opposition may try to impede his administration’s progress, but they shall not prevail, because victory is certain.

“The opposition may try to impede our progress, but they shall not prevail. They will witness the strength and unity of the CDC as we march towards an overwhelming triumph. The Liberian people know that our unwavering dedication to their well-being sets us apart. While our opponents resort to empty promises and divisive tactics, we remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver tangible results that transform lives.

“My fellow Liberians, as we approach the upcoming elections, rest assured that your voice will be heard. The will of the people is an unstoppable force, and together, we will shape the future of our great nation. Victory is not just within our grasp; it is inevitable. I am convinced that the Liberian electorate, wise and discerning, will make the right choice by returning us to office.

“In closing, I express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and endorsement of my candidacy. Your trust and confidence in me and my family fuel our determination to continue serving you with the utmost dedication.

“Together, we will forge ahead, driven by the unyielding spirit of progress and the belief that the change we offer is the Change You Can Count On, the Hope for Change that Liberians deserve.

May God bless you all, may God bless the Coalition for Democratic Change, and may God bless the Republic of Liberia.

“Officials and members of the mighty Coalition of Democratic Change, fellow citizens, let us march forward to a resounding victory!” President Weah confidently assured his partisans and supporters.

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