“Weah Not Up To the Task to Lead” – Gongloe Blames Citizens For Poor Judgment

By: Stephen G. Fellajuah

A Presidential challenger in the ensuing 2023 Presidential and legislative elections, Cllr Tiawan Saye Gongloe has discounted the leadership ability of President George Manneh Weah, saying he has no training and history on governance to oversee the affairs of the state and blamed the youthful population that took the decision to elect Mr. Weah in 2017 which he describes as a poor judgment and called on them to revoke the decision in 2023 by voting him out.

He said by taking the decision to revoke the decision of 2017, it will help to restore the sanity of the country.

Cllr. Gongloe made the assertion during an exclusive interview at his lawfirm office recently to assess the stewardship of the President as well as to throw light on his chances surrounding the challenge he has thrown to unseat the President democratically in 2023. He said that life is about learning through mentorship but President George Weah has no track record or history on governance.

“The young Liberians and every other Liberian voters in this country have committed child abuse by giving a heavy load to President Weah to carry. If you give a task to somebody who cannot do it, the problem is with you not the person. This has to change in 2023”, Cllr. Gongole noted.

The former Solicitor General of Liberia asserted that politically on the issues of governance, President Weah is a child because he has no experience, no training and mentorship in the matters of governance.

Cllr. Gongole dismissed the impression from some section of the public that President George Weah learned from his senatorial job before becoming President of Liberia, adding that Mr. Weah completely learned nothing because he went to the job without any experience on governance and administration therefore, according to the learnt legal mind the  “vocational senatorial job” made no impact to the presidency.

“When President Weah came first, he wanted to become Liberia Football Association President but he was not given the chance. Later, he entered politics after he was persuaded by his friends after several politicians became to beg him to be their vice running mate on grounds that he had the popularity” Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe narrated.

He said that those around President Weah fooled him to run because been popular does not give him the ability to contest for public office, saying that with all the experience that Tubman, Tolbert and former President Sirleaf had they still found it difficult to run the affairs of the country and what more was expected from a man without experience, .he wondered.

The former Labor Minister further explained that those around President Weah will not tell him the truth that he is not a presidential material because they are happy with the poor state of affairs of the country, stressing that they are enjoying the amenities of his ignorance as according to him  Weah does not know what to do.

“For a man who had never paid rent for a room before talking about managing his own life, you give him whole country to manage. President Weah was managed from the time he was 20 when he went to Cameroon and to Europe to play professional football and so he does not know anything about self-management before talking about governance or governmental management” Cllr. Gongole further stated.

He pointed out that President Weah was told by his manager what to eat, wear therefore he did not manage his own life before talking about a room and some people went ahead to give him a whole country to manage. “What do you expect from more than what we are seeing around here when his manager Nathaniel McCGill is another big ignorant to governance and has no experience”, he said

However Cllr. Gongloe admonished people to stop becoming politicians over night because it is something that you have to learn before practicing, saying governance is something that needs to be learned and taught in order to keep the three branches of government productive and effective. He argued that President George Weah lacks those basic training on governance therefore he does not know how to make good decision because he lacks understanding of the country’s economy, history, culture and comprehensive understanding of past government challenges that will inform his judgment to make wise decision for the greater good of all Liberians.

“President Weah is a retired football star that has now fully transitioned into a musical star for the Liberian people. That is entertainment and he enjoys doing it because he naturally does that. To admit, he sings very well and I do admire him for that and I think his songs are now better than our local artistes in the country. President Weah is a star and an entertainer and that is what he likes the most therefore, we made mistake”, Cllr. Gongloe delivered his verdict on the President’s talent which is below good leadership quality

Expressing optimism of defeating President Weah, Cllr. Gongole is calling on Liberians across the country to ratify their mistake and make sure that President Weah is not re-elected because “they have committed child abuse and it is a crime”.

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