Weah Calls Critics, Naysayers Devils in Human Form -Rallies Liberians to Eschew Lies and Follow All Coronavirus Protocols

Fresh from his visit to the Republic of France reportedly upon the invitation of President Emmanuel Macron to participate in the 2021 Generation Equality Forum, President George M. Weah has descended on his critics and those whom he considers naysayers for saying that he would never have met President Macron. President Weah also blasted “politicians” who are playing to the gallery while the new Delta Variant of COVID-19 ravages the country. Terming his critics and naysayers as Devils” in human form, President Weah cautioned Liberians to listen to the health authorities and forget about the dissenting clamor from politicians who will criticize his government only to score political points, The Analyst reports.

Speaking from the pulpit of the Forky Koln Jajleh Family Fellowship Church during its Sunday July 4, 2021 Divine Worship service, President Weah said he has serious problem with Liberians who listened to lies that if traveled to France for the Generation Equality Forum, President Macron would never have given him audience because Liberia has been designated a COVID-19 Level 4 status.

“That’s the problem I have with the Liberian people. The people who made that statement are not in the news, so they want to get back in the news. They lie on this man to make news. It does not make sense. I am a president invited by another president, then you say the president will not see me. It never happens anywhere because the communication that was sent to me came directly from the president of the Republic of France. You know about my relationship with President Macron. When I was a footballer, Excellencies Macron, Jacques Chirac, Sakorsy were people that I interacted with. The Prince of Monaco is my best friend. You saw me with the great Nelson Mandela,” President Weah reasoned.

Emphasizing the importance of his role as a promoter of gender equality in Liberia, a position which fueled his invitation, President Weah said he was taken aback that the very constituency he promotes joined the naysayers to paint a negative narrative about his visit to France.

“You say I am a feminist in chief. They invited me to go attend a forum for women equality in France. Now everybody is now criticizing me, and you have joined them. Even some women joined you to criticize why the president went travelling to France. It is the same women here in Liberia that are crying for equal representation in society. But we are making sure that we have more women in government, that we have more women leaders. Just the other day we were going to elections here, 28 women did not have funds to go for the elections. I decided to help them. I called them and asked them what they wanted. They told me, each of them, that I should make sure they go to the election. Not all were from CDC, some were from the opposition,” President Weah informed the congregation.

Political Corona Exploitation

Blasting those he termed as politicians who are bent on manipulating the citizens during the Coronavirus crisis, President Weah warned those politicians who want to exploit COVID-19 to score cheap political points to desist.

“I told you before and I will say it again. You people played politics during election time. Election is over. Until we go back to the election, it is time for the government; it is time for the citizens, the people, to make sure the government works. If the government asks you that there is Corona and everybody must wear masks, wash your hands often, sit down at home for three hours, everyone should do so. The street will not save you when there is pandemic. This disease is genuine. It did not start from Liberia. We will continue for people to come to our country; at the same time, we are going to monitor people coming into our country, because it is the right thing to do. People play politics and want you to stop the whole world from coming to Liberia, so they can remove the government. When you win the elections, you can remove the government,” President Weah cautioned.

Further cautioning the citizenry against listening to the lies from some politicians who are capitalizing on the Coronavirus to become relevant, President Weah called on Liberians to remember the importance of life.

“Let us forget about politics. The politicians are coming to you and saying the government should not lock you down, or if the government locks you down, you should rebel. But remember, one of the politicians went to Bong County or some part of the country where everybody around them never had on a mask. Yet they are saying the government is not bringing masks for the Coronavirus. They went to campaign; everybody did not wear masks. They break the rules, but they tell you that the government is breaking rules. Those are the people that want to be your leader. But when the government says everyone should wear a mask, they tell their supporters not to wear masks.

“Liberians, people are giving false news about the Coronavirus. Leave the Health team alone. We succeeded during the first wave of Coronavirus attack because we left everything that had to do with the virus to the health team. We were able to contain the Coronavirus because of the measures we put in place from our health team. Now people are spreading false information, and you are there listening to them,” President Weah lamented.

The Liberian leader further called on Liberians to rather focus on dealing with the Coronavirus by joining the government in the fight.

“We are doing our best every day. Some people were born with their own medical complications, and others contracted other diseases before Corona. But the virus has made it worse. If you go to the airport, it’s a sad situation. In a pandemic period, we are facing a problem. If you are traveling and you have a flight for 5pm, check in by 12pm because you must collect your test result and go to the airport. When you are traveling and you are not a diplomat who has immunity, do your schedule on time,” President Weah advised.

He said when terrorists attacked the great United States of America, the US government changed all travel protocols. “In times of crisis, your lifestyle will not be the same. For example, during the Liberian civil war, the bigwigs turned into small children,” President Weah stated matter-of-factly.

President Weah then gave kudos to the health team, recognizing all health workers for making tremendous sacrifices in the face of mounting challenges.

“Citizens, please do not give the government a hard time. The devil passes through a lot of people. But the devil has no power. Every power lies in you. This coronavirus is serious. You have your families and friends to protect. Do the right thing,” President Weah cautioned.

Public Reaction

Majority Liberians who monitored the president’s preaching via social media praised President Weah for speaking on the grave health situation facing the country due the third wave of Coronavirus attack. However, a good number believe that President Weah should organize a regular nationwide broadcast where he can address the entire nation in the same candid manner that he used during the July 4, 2021 worship service at his family church.

“The message was sincere, especially those that had to deal with our health protocols. But President Weah, please talk to your people on a regular basis. You can do so in colloquial or formal English, but just get the message across like you did this Sunday,” says Jormandy Kamara, a petty trader from Logan Town Broad Street.

“Thanks to President Weah for telling us more about the Coronavirus. This is what all churches and mosques should do from now on,” says Sarah Kollie, a resident of Gardnersville.

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