Weah Breaks 16-Year Jinx -Moves Offices to Executive Mansion on Feb. 14

Constructed in 1971 during the administration of President William V.S. Tubman, the present Presidential edifice, dubbed The Executive Mansion of Liberia, and located across the street from the Capitol Building, has always been the official residence and workplace of succeeding Liberian presidents – until 16 years ago when the famous landmark was gutted by fire during the first tenure of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.  Since then, the Mansion has remained in partial ruins, as citizens wondered when their most ostentatious landmark would come back to life and host not only the President and his family, but foreign guests and citizens alike on myriad diplomatic and national forays. Well, President George Manneh Weah, has decided to break the 16 years jinx by taking the bold decision to move his offices into the Executive Mansion this February 14, even as final touches are being carried out.

Making the disclosure Monday during an extraordinary press briefing at his Capitol Bye Pass Office, Information Minister Ledgerhood Rennie said President Weah will begin working from the Executive offices of the Mansion on February 14, 2022.

Minister Rennie further informed that renovation works on the Mansion are 98 percent completed, and that the renovation will continue on other parts of the building. He however said the Mansion will not host the First family at the moment until the renovation works are fully completed.

The Information boss said, having seen the progress of the rehabilitation and renovation works on the building, the President thought it wise to move in while finishing touches are being put in place; because his presence in the Mansion would add as an added impetus for the contractors handling the work to fast track completion of the rest of the building.

So on that day, the President will be marching to the Executive Mansion with his supporters that will include an array of government officials, friends, well-wishers, students and others including religious leaders, and will converge at the Executive Mansion, where the President will officially return. We also want to say that because of the importance of the return of the President to the Executive Mansion, the consecration of the Executive Mansion will begin in earnest by the weekend. A select number of religious leaders will be at the Executive Mansion to perform religious rites, consecrating the civic office of our country and the helm of power to enable us to have the blessings from our Holy Father, Amen”, Minister Ledgerhood intoned.

The Executive Mansion was destroyed by fire on July 26, 2006, during the country’s 159th Independence celebration. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was at the time feting foreign guests and dignitaries in the gardens of the Executive Mansion. Since then the Mansion has been undergoing a long period of renovation and has also attracted criticisms from a cross section of citizens who have expressed their harsh reactions, claiming it to be a siphoning channel by the government to rob the national treasury.

Citizens Reaction

Since the pronouncement from the government that President Weah will be moving his offices at the Executive Mansion in a few days’ time, Liberians have been sharing their views on the news.

According to Sarah Thompson of Sinkor, Old Road, the move to reestablish the Executive Mansion as the citadel of presidential powers is belated.

“I really don’t know why, for 12 years our presidents couldn’t use the Mansion but Foreign Affairs Ministry. This was a big disgrace for a country that fought to liberate other African countries from the shackles of colonialism. Look at Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast.  We ought to be better,” Madam Thompson said in an interview with this paper following the pronouncement from the Information Minister.

“We are so happy President Weah has taken the bold steps to move back into the Mansion, with all the bad vibes from 1980. We urge our leader to have faith in God, and continue to do the right things that bring happiness to the Liberian people that voted for him in 2017. He will remain in that Mansion for the next inauguration in January 2024, as long as he is doing the right things,” says Justin Doe of New Kru Town.

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